FCS installation question

I plan on using the FCS fins on the kneeboard I am building. I was anticipating drilling the holes for the plugs with a hand held electric drill and wood bit. Is this an OK idea? How much bigger, deeper than the plug should the hole be? FCS has not answered my emails, so I’m going to the experts. Sorry if this is a dumb question but I couldn’t find it in the resources. Thanks!

i made my own installation kit, using a 1/8" hole saw, 1" forstner bit and a piece of conduit to cut the “h” pattern in. make sure the holes are centered for the fin tabs, and approximately 1/8" off the inside edge of your fin line drawn on the board. if you’ve got the aptitude, this stuff should be pretty easy. good luck.

I’ve found http://www.suncure.com/dingrepairguide.html#fcs%20plug%20repair useful. I’ve install plugs for superchargers and repaired broken FCS plugs quite a few times. I use a regular 4mm drill bit which I’ve grounded so that the tip isn’t sharp to sort of route out the outer edge of the H pattern. You don’t have to do that to the drill bit, but then I’d be VERY careful. I just use a knife to cut out the room for the plug. NB! MAKE SURE YOU MAKE THE H PATTERN OR THE PLUGS WILL BREAK! This also goes for the the center plugs. Don’t cut the stringer, but cut along the edge of the hole where there is foam. regards, Håvard