FESTY HEAD - Help!!!

Not Again!!!

Salt water stuck in my head - in my sinus and can feel an infection coming on!

Ears are OK

Did my best to get all the water out - a nice steady stream came gushing out of my nose, how can I prevent/treat the impeding doom of a full on head infection?!!!

There’s a lot of stuff on here about getting drilled preventing swimmers ear etc - I want some advice on my nose/throat etc

there are things you can buy to close your nose (not sure what there called) and just try not to duck dive with your mouth open just my 2cents

As a nurse in a previous life, salt water flush of the sinuses is good.

What you are probably feeling is a rebound effect of the salt exploding cells in the cavities. Similar effect as double drowning, someone drowns in the salt water, is revived only to have the lungs react to the salt by increasing fluids to protect them.

Once this activity settles down you’ll be OK…

Thanks Hicksy - great advice - I hope you’re right!

The surf was a bit on the brown side…

I use one of these sinus rinse bottles to flush my sinuses out after surfing in water of questionable cleanliness and when the air is really dry. It’s really simple and cheap and it seems to be avalable in Australia. http://www.neilmed.com/

I also had chronic sinus problems and a really nasty staph infection that festered up there for years before I had surgery to open things up and clean out the infection. The end result was great in my case, but surgery should be a last resort for any medical problem. If you have chronic infections, it might be worth seeing a specialist. I wasted a lot of time going to a general practitioner over and over without any imrpovement because the real problems were never diagnosed.

don’t surf maroubra




fairy bower

during a

sewerage workers strike !!

…or don’t they have them any more Caen ? [it is , after all, 23 YEARS since I lived there !]



I find i get heaps of salt water up in my sinuses as well… its not that critical, but it definately gives me a dehydrated cloggy head…

The best way i’ve gotten over it, is to carry a bottle of water with me, have a freshwater shower after my surf, and just drink heaps and heaps of water to stop the dehydration of the salt water. Seems to have worked so far.


mebe take zinc supplement ,good for the sinuses ,fred koth said that

hows bout inhale some white flower

analgesic balm?

oil to shrink the membranes

to get a complete draining.

learning to opperate the human body is a secret science in our culture.

consult with a yogi practitioner to learn that nasal salt water teapot gig

I forgrt thr number…

posture number golly what was that?

if only you could pull up knowledge from former incarnations at will…


After a long period of chronic sinus problems, I started to worry when I read about a problem known as “Pott’s Puffy Tumor.” I was experiencing pain behind my left eye, the top teeth on my left side were killing me and there was a spot on the roof of my mouth that was starting to light up.

After a couple of visits to an otolaryngologist (ENT Specialist) and CT Scan, I found out what was going on…

There is a narrow tube about the diameter of a pencil lead that connects your nasal passages to your sinus cavities. After repeated “insults” (i.e. crap on your finger tips when you pick your nose, polluted water, colds, flu, whatever) they can become inflamed, scarred and narrowed. It doesn’t take much at that point for an infection to cause them to swell completely shut causing the infection to become trapped and unable to drain.

Worst case, it can erode through the wall of the sinus cavity, invade the cranial vault (where your brain is) and possibly kill you by way of a secondary brain infection.

A recent case involving surf film maker Timmy Turner should spell it out quite clearly… http://www.timmyturner.org/?p=1

What the hell are you doing consulting on a discussion board with a bunch of surfers who can’t even agree on what kind of masking tape to use?

See a doctor!

I had chronic sinus infections, colds, etc., for over 15 years !!! Nothing worked until a doctor (the only one) did a cat scan of my noggin’ . All my sinuses were totally clogged. Thank you, Great Being, for health insurance…about an hour with the swirlling steel blade/video camera/lighting thing up my nose and I got my health back…and began surfing again, after years of watching from the beach. Which means…sinus problems are serious stuff…be kind to them.

Squirted saline solution up my nose many times a day - discovered a whole new microbial landscape of tubes and tunnels

Went to a yogi master who showed me how to flip top my head

Saw a chiro who worked on my neck for optinum drainage and posture

I think I’m going to keep the festering at bay

Thanks again Swaylocks!