Fibreglass Skateboards?¿?

I could only find a 2 year old thread on fibreglass/epoxy skateboards. Then again im not the most skilled at the internet so bare with me.

Is anyone out there (within oz) knocking up skateboards?

If no is there anyone out there who would like to knock up a couple? Just a basic DH shape.

If anyone is interested please let me know as you will be able to make a few bob. Myself and a few mates are chasing some and we cant justify spending $180 odd dollars on a deck. Nor do we have the access to making some. I.e a backyard and or shed

Thankyou all kindly

renton miller eh ?

you RIP , mate ! [have your sponsors run out of boards , already ? …must be all those massive halfpipe airs you do killing them , eh , mate ?!]

…joke[s attempt] aside , it will be easier / cheaper to make one out of wood , possibly with a layer of 6oz epoxied in between a la Hicksy’s “hixtreme” thread …

why ?

because , with epoxy here [in west oz] running at around $60 for three litres , and cloth around $7aus a metre ,


you could see how $180aus would actually not be an unreasonable amount to ask , for making a fibreglass skatey of , say , 40 layers or so of 6oz , 36" x 8" minimum…

HERE’S a thought , though …maybe THIS could be the East Coast [oz] “Auslocks” gift to the community Australia-wide …

a nice skateboard , to photograph being ridden around the hills and skateparks Australia-wide ??

…WHAT say you , ‘east-coasters’ ???

cheers ,


[I refer you all to Hicksy’s signature …hehehhh ]

you guys know that libtech has been making skateboards that are only 6 or 7 ply with a fiberglass top coat on the deck… why dont’ you just use the 6 oz cloth ontop of the 6 ply board… you can’t really go too wrong here… i don’t think… just make a deck or buy one and sand it down, then fiber glass over the top…

~mahalo & peace~



I’m in the US but if I wasn’t I could hook you up with some composite DH decks…

Kebbek boards aren’t that much here, so they might be less there, but i’m sure you’ve allready looked in to them.

I had stumbled on this longboard skateboard site while searching for some vacuum bagging info. There is some good info here relavent to sufboards as well.


Can do, no problems…

PM me… basically Swaylocks but for longboard skates. Check the forum for building tips and tutorials. The posters on average is quite young and have lots of energy but their craft is skilled and they seem to be very commited to it.

hello to all,

i’ve done some trials on this issue, and I can tell you some experiences:

  • Don’t try to save money in materials,

  • It’s easier to have a rigid deck if you put some concave on it

  • Also some longitudinal convexity (less than 1cm) will give you a very important resistance.

I’ll try to find some pics and post them.

molts records !!