Filler resin on cloth for ding repair?

I have some old surfboards to repair and I am lazy and was wondering if I could get away without using laminate resin? i.e. just use filler resin straight on the cloth?



Ah- by 'filler resin' I take it you mean waxed polyester sanding resin that dries hard? You can, and I have.

If you sand the filler some, to get the wax film off the surface, then glass with sanding resin, you can get away with it, because you'll be sanding the cloth a little to feather it out at the edges. Kinda like how you sand a hotcoat before glossing, when the surface of that layer is sanded you get rid of the wax film that allows poly resin to dry hard.

I like to wash the lamination after sanding with a little acetone too, gets the sanding dust off and allows you to go with a hotcoat/gloss coat and finish it of in one step.

Sanding a repair lamination all over, unless it's a sloppy lamination with a lot of resin, well, you can sand through cloth if there's any little bumps you missed on the filler sanding.

hope that's of use


Thanks Doc. will give that a go.