Filling voids on a finished blank .......

Upon finishing my current project (6’0" fish) I noticed more imperfections than normal, I think. I was mentioning this to a friend of mine and he said others have suggested using “spackle” to fill the voids. I said as in the stuff that is used for drywall ?? And he said yes… Is this feasible ??

Is there another alternative ??

Thanks in advance …

why filling voids?

the natural foam bubbles are ok

or the work was not so good or have dull blades in the tools?

may be you can retouch a bit…

if you put spackle you ll finish with: without an even color if you paint the shape; different Whites; ugly tints; etc

Before glassing I do a light sand with the screen and leave the dust on the blank to fill the large foam bubbles

do not blow off, lay on the cloth and do er up

the foam looks primo when done

Try a heatgun…there’s some info. I posted here at sways in the archives.

sPRACKLe IS oKAy…but a combo of sugar and lam resin is King.