Fin advice

Hi guys/gals,

So my girlfriend just picked up a harbor egg. 7’10 2 3/4 thick, 21.5 in wide and the tail is square about 15 (I am guessing on that.) It has some channels in the middle, single fin box set up. I was wondering what fin you might recommend? She is beginner to intermediate surfer. Transitioning from a very wide and stable 3 fin set up 9’0. usually surfs beach breaks 1-4ft. Hope that was enough information. Thanks in advance.

Stick a 9 inch Dolphin shaped single fin (not too narrow in the tip) in the box about 2/3 of the way up the slot towards the nose. If too loose, move back to centre.

Should be a good starting point.

This board is generally always going to feel more lively than a longer board.

Ahhh, thanks. I was thinking of a 9 in hook fin, but the wider base of the dolphin may be better, thanks again.