fin box location

I would like to know where a single (10" fins unlimited) box should be located on an 8 foot board. My board is 1.5" thick at the 1’ off mark but tapers down to 1 3/16 at 4" from the tail. How much thickness is required to intall this box?

Sorry for the lame questions



Measure the outside depth of your pre installed box. It should be an 1" or less.

Place at 4.5- 5.5" on the stringer. You porbably will have a 1/4" to play with. Feeling Lucky???. Measure router depth twice, router out once…is that the saying? Don’t forget to have the jig box engaged in the router when setting the correct depth.

you also dont have to sink the box to the floats either. if you really need the room, rout 1/8" shallower then you nromally would and just grind more off the top.

Don’t grind box down as it leaves the fin sticking too far out, showing the base, which is narrower than the fin’s thickpoint.

Set your single fins so when fin is in center of box, it’s leading edge is 12" up from the tip of the tail.

A Blakstah revelation, works well.