Fin Box Repair Train Wreck

Last week I tweaked part of the lokbox fin box on my Pavel Dialer Quad.  I took it in to that LA area ding repair/glass shop that shall remain nameless - you know the one. I figured it was a pretty easy repair.  Most of the glass and box were intact, and it shouldn't have been a problem.

Well I pick it up yesterday and not only is the cant angle horribly off, the repaired box isn't even close to parallel with the other box on that side.  Not to mention the repair is aesthetically garbage, with plenty of bubbles, not sanded flat, etc.  It looks like they let a 13 year old do the fix.

This repair was bigger than me to begin with, as this is my favorite magic board and it absolutely, positively has to be done right.  Any recommendations in the Los Angeles area for who can handle this, and now fix the mess made by the other guys? I'm afraid it's going to turn into Waterloo now that it has to be fixed again.

Frustrated and angry,


Mark Brog at Soul Performance in Redondo…I am pretty sure he has the Lokbox jig. I have him do my repairs when cosmetics count and/or when it’s too big a job for me to pull off (or both).

Was it q**tc*?


Was it *q**t*c*?


I won't answer that, but I will say that it was A*ua*e*h...

I'll bet if you give a chimp a router and some resin, you'll get better results.