fin construction question ....

checking a “Sector Nine” skatedeck at a shop today got me thinking …

Has anyone here sandwiched carbon fibre between two pieces of ply in their fins , before glassing them ?



My first fin attemp to put onto my first balsa laminate board. 9", 4 x 6oz carbon, redwood/bamboo.

Works great, just like the manufacture plastic one I normally use and copied from.



not yet but seein as I’ve got some CF left over from earlier I might just give it a go. Cherry, Beech, CF, Beech, Cherry. if I can slice it up thin enough and straight enough on my crappy table saw. Let you know


THANKS GUYS for your replies !

Les , does it feel stiffer / lighter / flexier / more positive than the plastic one , I hope ?

I ask because the polycarbonate fin I have on the stubbie is a template I like , but it just feels a bit dull / mushy [technical terms] through turns , so I’m thinking wood and carbon fibre might hopefully liven up the “feel” of the board [sorry if that sounds a bit vague / abstract !]

Fatbassplayer, I’d be really keen to hear and see how that experiment will go …it sounds good …should LOOK nice too , hopefully !

cheers ! 


A couple of piccies for your perusal!!! The ones on the bench planer and the 2nd pic are the ones I am doing fer yer good self. Still shed loads of sanding to be done as you can see. I’ll get round to doing some for my board at the weekend. What do you reckon to the profile? the base is 9 1/2" and they’re 5 1/4" high. The others are the finished ready for glassing to send to creosote. (note, the same size and shape).

Cheers bud

Jase (MMM)

if you get vener not ply, not to insult your intelligence for any people who are learning and lurking each seperate layer of ply is called essentailly veneer

True - a single layer of veneer is a veneer but two plys of veneer is a two ply veneer and typically mics out at construction paper thickness. I agree with chip on his idea of “two pieces of ply and carbon fiber sandwich” Three ply piece of light ply birch (3mm) on both sides of the carbon fiber center stiffener? Good call chipper! Hmmmm… Or daddio style - cut in to the center a HIDDEN RIB of stainless steel counter surface laminate material (1mm) and gleefully watch as people try to figure out why that Balsa fin is so damn stiff. HeeHee.

beware of cosmic meat puppets

Hey chipfish! Ya, the fin is deffinately lighter, might be stiffer don’t know, surfs just like I said " just like the plastic one I modeled it after. I used it on the same board, surfs the same far as I can tell. Just an intemediate type surfer, if I was advanced/pro maybe I’d be a little more sensitive to little nuances. Sorry ;( It was fun making the fin though! I need to make some more.

I have three different shaped fins for my long board, they are all with in 1/2" in height. They seem to surf the same. The only wasy I can get a different feel while surfing is to slide the fin forward (looser, easier turning) or back (longer gentler turns). Hatchet fin seems like it might hold better for nose riding.

Hope that helps,


thanks for those replies guys …

yep , I was basically going to use two pieces of thin 3-ply , and one [possibly two] layers of carbonfibre laminated between them …



or I could always hack an inch off the back or send you the other set I did tonight? I was just thinking that the extra base length= larger footprint for glassing on but as you intend to mould your own base it’s kinda pointless. The latest set are four wedges 5" high 7 1/2" base. Sorry no pic yet.

Let me know, I’m easy either way!

Jase (MMM)

yep , the latest set sound good …even if you wanted to reduce the depth to 4 1/2" , that would be even better [for me and my board] …

cheers mate !


Job done bud. Creosote had expressed an intrest in the monster keels for another board of his, so they won’t go to waste. Any sign of that Gray Murdoch fellow?

Jase (MMM)

thanks mate !!

I look forward to using them one day .

nup …Gray , where ARE you ?

[it sounds selfish , but I wouldn’t mind watching my “Litmus” video again , if you ARE out there somewhere mate …cheers!]

emails and phone calls have gone unanswered …

it would be good to catch up again, and have another surf .