Fin Factory

So I was at the fin factory watching a panel being laid out.

The guy was warking so fast I could hardly keep pace focusing on his hand.

When Chipper sees this he’s gonna pop a few blood vessels!!!

The laminator had to let the resin set up before the next layer of cloth so went outside and found Matt Calvani of Bing Surfboards and Guy Takayama talking about surfboards.

I went back in the factory. The laminator was ready for another layer of cloth.

I walked around the shop some more.

I found this old display of fins and a rack of power pad sanding pads.

I said Larry you sure buy a lot of sanding pads. He said Mike we don’t buy them we make them.

Wow… looks like you had a great time, It doesn’t look like they use a roller to get bubbles out? How did they do it.


   they used rollers I just could keep pace with the laminator's hand moving around so fast. Check the second row of pictures the top of the last picture you can barely see the roller.


Great pictures. I love to see how the pros do it, because they’ve usually been there…and back.

One question, though. Did the laminator lay down only one layer of cloth at a time? Or were the different layouts for different colors? It seems a little slow to only do one layer of cloth at a time.

Thanks, Doug


   I think because he was working on a fin with colored pinline he had to let the colored resin set up first. He then added one layer of cloth at a time. I wasn't there at the beginning of the panel lay up so I couldn't really tell you if the first part of the panel was one lay at a time. To keep the air bubbles down its better to do it one layer at a time. Larry also mentioned a lot of he is produced during the lay up so the resin has to be catalyzed at a different ratio after so many layers. 


That was suppose to be a lot of HEAT is produced during the lay up. Arggggh


      here are some pictures of the finished products from the panel that was laid up earlier.