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hey guys, just wondering what kind of fin to put on my hollow wooden longboard when I finish it, I like the look and nose riding ability of an old style D fin but apparently they dont turn real well, but I don’t like the look of a thin “modern” looking fin that can turn well but apparently doesn’t nose ride very well.

here is a pic of a fin template (courtesy of wheels1 and originally from Mark Riley) that I think is a good “best of both worlds” fin.

my board dimensions are 9’6", 18 1/2", 23", 14 1/2", 6" pod, 3 1/2" nose rocker, 4" tail rocker.

hoping for it to be a pretty cruisey board, defintately NOT a performance board!!!

any comments, suggestions, templates, pics etc would be extremely welcome as well as any info on why certain fins will or will not suit me and this board, thanking you heaps in advance for your wisdom and help.

fin dimensions are base: 220mm (8 1/2") height: 205mm (8")

Here it is on the board mate!!

Robbo , it might be good [fun , even ?] to be able to try out a few different fin templates and positioning[s] …

Is there any way of putting in a fin box in that board ??

cheers !


So have you surfed it yet? How does it nose ride? How does it turn? I have a Velzy with the D fin that you talked about. I find that is turns good, but the board does not nose ride for dink. I think the only problem with the D/skig fin is that they do not turn well in big waves. I have surfed mine up to head high and it works good. Even for a backsider going the wrong way. I’m thinking about using a D fin on my next nose rider, just wanting some feed back from how yours is working. TK


The fin you’ve chosen does appear to strike a good compromise between the older and newer fin styles, leaning more toward the older. The photo provided shows a very good fin placement. More forward than the boards of the early 60’s, but crucial to a better turning board. For what you want to do, it looks like you are well dialed in. Good luck with it. Be sure to report back how the board rides.

see george downing’s boards in the surfers journal

put in box to switch-em

after you glass em on the likely hood of taking em off and putting em back on is unlikely

glass-em on…

pure speculation followed by stoic resolve.

every board is an annomaly in space and time

the fin limits performance

placements , when spot on are fantastic

when they are a little off they are off forever…

photo analysis of determining fin placement is a pale scenario of three dimentional reality.

this board deserves to be the best board in the history of the known universe.


My what a fine board you have there.


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citizens of the twentieth century

I think I probably need to clarify this a little…Robbo asked the questions about the template in the first post, I added the second post showing the fin I made from that template before I sent the template on to Robbo. The fin was set forward in the board that I made because of the amount of tail rocker vs nose rocker. The board pictured was a birthday present for my father - he was given it the weekend just past. It has not been ridden yet, however just watching his eyes glaze over every time he looks at it, I don’t think it will be long!! I built this fin/template based on drawings given to me by another board builder who said it was a good compromise between old and new styles of fin. Apologies for the confusion.

this is my only my view:

  • the template shown looks like a good compromise but it also looks a bit ugly to my eye (apologies if i offend).

  • i like the feel of the back tip of the fin being inline with the tail of the board OR even better behind it.

  • im only refering to boards that are 50/50 railed with a late flip in the tail.

  • I really like a traditional D fin in my board, the look, the feel of the turns, the pivot ability, the noseride, the cruise.

Robbo, Im down the road (harbord) so let me know if you want to see what im talking about. I would love to see your creation. PM me.

thanks wheels for clarifying that to readers!

well while I like the idea of a “all rounder fin” I still LOVE the look of a D fin, can an experienced longboarder please give me some feedback on how a D fin turns compared to a normal fin? I have concluded in my research that nose riding is not so much the fin but the late tailflip in a board, oh and 50/50 rails, and tail vee, and nose concave!

hey, this is the fin on an old Gordon Woods i have from the mid 60’s. it seems to suit this board perfectly and is a bit later than the d-fin.

hi Luke !

what are the dimensions on that fin , please ?

cheers !


man, i should have known you would ask that Ben. i don’t actually know, let me just go check.

the fin is 9" high and due to being glassed on the base with the moulding (rovings), it is about 11 1/2" long and the fin tip is level with the tail which leaves the front of the base 14 1/2 inches from the tail.