fin placement help....driving me crazy

whats up Sways…need some help on fin placement for my 6’x 20

so i want to do a 5 fin setup with proboxes…but i cant for the life of me figure out a fin placement that looks right, i was hoping someone could throw some numbers at me with what you guys would do with a board like this. 14 3/4 inches on the tail. wide point is 3 in forward of center. any help would be greatly appreciated…want to get this thing in the water already. its got a slight double concave starting about 1/3 up from the tail. thanks guys!

Probably the reason nothing looks right is that this template (narrow tail, wide-point forward) isn’t really suited to 5 fins. To me it looks like a good template for a single or maybe a twin, but maybe someone else could explain why.

I agree that the overall shape isn’t within typical ‘5-fin’ design parameters but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t work.  

Just a guess here…  Maybe trailing edges (sorry Bill) of front fins around 11" or 12" from tail, a short center F/U box as far back as you can get it, and split the difference for the quad trailers.  If nothing else, you’ll still have some options - single, single with little side bites (Widowmaker style) in the front or midway side boxes, thruster, quad, or even a 5-finner.