fin position


I have shaped a 6 0 roundtail shortboard, and have already routed the future fin boxes. My issue is that the boxes are really close to the rail, putting the back of the side fins at about .75 from the rail apex, I still have a little but of rail curve at this fins to match the accelerated tail rocker. My question is other than the problem of breakage, what are the problems that happen to performance when the side fins are placed too close to the rails.


Darren Steven


Should be OK, if the trailing edge of the fin is 3/4 inch from the actual rail. Any closer, the board pivots without too much drive. You can make up for that with bigger fins, as if you placed the box too far inside from the rails.

Your box is placed on the overlap from the deck, so it should be plenty strong.

So I think if you lose anything at all, it’s holding power along a walled up fast wave.