fin questions and a couple dimension ones too + glassing and also...

I had a few questions, maybe you have no idea but here goes:


  • How do those fcs vector type fins go with C-5?
  • How do those fcs H2 fins go with C-5 and how do they go for larger rider with out C-5?
  • How do those fcs Red tips fin go with C-5 ( I am thinking with G5 sides or maybe the new vector types) and how do they go for larger rider with out C-5(maybe with Rusty or vector type- sides)?


  • I was also wondering what your view is on step up and semi gun dimensions. If my standard short board is 6'6"x20"x2.7" I always thought and went with narrower width with possibly more thickness as I went up like: step up 6'10"x19.5"x2.7 and semi gun 7'2"x19.25"x2.75". Or do you recommend going wider as you go up, maybe to catch waves easier or allow for a wider tail for average bigger waves as opposed to full on barreling waves. I ask because there seems to be mixed thoughts about this, am I wrong?


  • What are your thoughts on flex characteristics of a board glassed with S cloth vs. standard.


  • Lastly, but most importantly. What’s up with Bat tail quads. They look very cool!

    If you have an opinion on any of these please dont feel obligated to comment on all, that would be to daunting a task.


Step up and gun, what’s the wave size you talking?

Lotsa years, 7’6" x 19 was my smallest of 4.

Don’t go narrower unless you have the waves for…steep and fast. Lots of bigger surf is actually outside breaks, and can be mushier but thicker.

Looks not important, function totally. All tail shapes function good enough.

S glass for strength…flex is design and shape, not glassing.


That would be for 6’10" step up 3-7 foot+ and 7’2" 5-9 foot+ For like Ocean beach, Rock away and Santa Cruz waves. I am 6’4"x215x 35 yrs and 20 surfing yrs. I also have a 7’6"x19x2.65 but dont use as much as I used too (3 kids now…)

Thanks for your feed back!

Personally, I’d hate to have 3 boards within that narrow a range.

Why don’t you just ride your 7’6" in for sure overhead stuff. Rockaway can be a tough line up maintainance paddle, just like OB, and NorthCorner sure needs some paddle power.

SC can use wider and more volume, for it’s softer breaking and slower moving swinging waves. Except for SlotLane and M…ells.

Seems one board in between a little wider at around 20.5, should do the trick.

yeah the 7’2" covers my range pretty good, I think. Its more for like 6-8 faces at OB and bigger at SC being primarily the spots N of town. It has the manuverability I like. My 7’6" is a pin and a board that I would take out in more like in like 7- 10+ but mstly the SC area. I should probobly off it for a more manuverable one. I guess 20.5" would break up the template on a board that size quite a bit coming from 19", yet I think the turning might be too stiff hence my origional question in regards to width. If I could find the time to get back in my optimal surfing condition I would tend to think my origional thought of going narrower while going longer was on the right track for me, however just not as narrow maybe just 1/8th increments and the same with more thickness.

In regards to having boards in that range. I actually give all my boards a pretty good usage as my range goes from like 1-15 faces max in nor cal. though I used to spend more time in the higher part of that range I have not lately and thats why the 7’6" does not come into play often. In fact I spend way more time on my 6’2" re-learning airs when its not dinged up. I am gettn softer unfortunatly.

ThANKS leed

YOU’RE getting softer?

I’m 56 now, only went out ONE day of consequence for my 8’ PlumeriaBrewer semigun, the least ever in 25 years.

Getting older and out of shape is hell, then you die.

And, this 8’er is the shortest semi I’ve ever owned, especially considering this past season was the best ever for bigger waves at OB’s South end.

I’ll be more ready next year (I always seem to say), but for sure will include a 9’er at the top of my quiver.

I don’t think narrow is really all that good anymores. Sure, it was great when I weighed like 137lbs. or so, but adding 20 lbs with my size 11 feet, I don’t really need a board narrower than 20" anymore. It’s not like I"m riding at Pipe, G-land, or T-poo, most of OB’s bigger waves I gotta cutback hard, or at least do one big off the top.

Couple of the best ever big OB surfers, LarryMcGraw and MikeCrook (from SoCal), alway rode fun semi guns, around 20.5" wide at 8’, and come to think of it, so did the previous generation …TambyTavasiev, RogerMeidinger, StevePhieffer…and so many more.

My gen was PeeWee and bro Ken, KevinCooney, RudyFunk, the 5 surfing Valera’s, the two Conroy’s, DarylScobie, and gotta pay homage to my partners in Sloat discovery, RockyWhite and RodneyRecluse.