fin solutions = fin system thats better

the new fin system with one plug per fin that looks like three fcs is called fin solutions and is made here on the gold coast. actually a stones throw from burford blanks and my factory… (there is a map on the contact page of my website) the easiest way for you to buy it is thru south coast foam. and yes is does accept fcs fins in its box so if your current customers have carbon or special templates already they can change over without dramas… the board fitting process is the same as fcs with the exception of drilling an extra hole per fin! it has been designed by a very smart guy who has improved on all niggling problems that you usually have with fcs…one major problem with all fin systems is if they are set off quickly the catalization process produces a lot of styrene gas forming many airbubbles and pushing the plastic away from the resin… all plastic fin boxes including strongboxes, fcs plugs, redex etc. should be set off with a gel time of at least 1 hour and a curing time of 6 hours at least before sanding. keep this in mind and you will have a much stronger bond! in the next 2 weeks i will have detailed photos and description of the fin solutions system on my website @ enjoy, dave