Final Dimensions???

heres what i have… any suggestions would be great. Length: 6’6", width @ center: 21.5", width @ tail (in front of fin box): 15.5", width @ nose (one foot from tip): 16.5", Fin box (single fin): start 5 in. from tail, finbox end 15" from tail, thickness: 2.5"-3", rocker: 4in. in front/2 in. in back. once again, im 5’10" and 165… any suggestions would be great, thanks… kevin

Kevin - I live close by and my son attends but I had no idea they had shaping projects going on there. Give me a call - maybe I can help you out. (528-4724)

Move the fin box up 1 inch. Maybe drop the nose rocker an inch. If you are going to keep a pretty straight rail from the 16.5 to the tailblock you might consider a moderate “v” starting about 18 to 24 inches up from the tail, peaking in the middle of the fin box and going flat off the tail. It will work well with your tail rocker; keep 3/8" of your 2 inches of tail rocker for the area behind the fin box. That’ll help blend the “V” into a flat. Stick a nice flex fin where the “V” is deepest and you’ll fly. You will want thin soft rails…not knifey but round to about the begining of the “V”. From the V back, put a tuck going to hard-down at the middle of the box to the tail block. You can keep the 3 inch thickness and thin rails by doing a tri-plane “s” deck…John can help you with that. Your first bottom turn will blow you away…Huzza! I you don’t want the V you might want to put a fairly deep swallow to make that wide tail a little user friendly.

hey guys THANKS A LOT for the help… I will start the class soon and keep you guys updated with the progress… STOKED… kevin