Finally back on it at the other end of the world...

Having recently relocated from Cornwall uk to Sydney Australia I’ve finally started on the boards again with a four month break in production…would have been sooner had I not been speared through the calf by a grom in mid December… I’ve now set up a stealth bay in the garage of our new rental property and had no complaints yet from the neighbours about the smell of resin. The first one on the rack is a 5’8" grom board for my nephew…it feels so good to be back on the tools!

cheers rich

Grom didn’t miss!!!. Nice work mate, where did you end up moving to??. How are you liking it here??. 


Australia Day weekend. It used to be a great day, but lots of drunken morons have kind of ruined it. Make sure you eat some kind of dead animal on Sunday, cooked on the BBQ haha. If you ended up in stanwell you might find some nice ales at coledale cellars.

Hey beer fan, we have started in cronulla as my wife’s sister lives there but may end up down below stanwell when we are looking to buy next year. Would be good to meet up some time. I’ve been down thirroul and bulli checking it out but didn’t get to surf there due to my leg! Yes the grom got me good and proper! Despite the injury im loving it here…loads of waves and surfing in shorts which is a novelty only previously experienced on surf trips for me. Just sanding this first board and already got a couple of board orders come in this week but I’ll be keeping it pretty low key for a while.

looking forward to a barbecue this weekend! Cheers rich

So here it is my first board down under…for my nephew, first time shortboard as he’s ready to step down from the minimal I’d made him to learn on. 5’8"x18 1/4"x 2 1/2" 

great stuff rich !


  there are  sways crew at thirroul and stanwell and wollongong and gerringong and nowra and …

Yes Ben, I’m going to have to make the time to head down that way and hook up with a few of the sways crowd. You still busy on the fins?

yeah Rich !


  now it’s summer it’s finally warm enough here to lay panel up fin panels ! [ check out  my ‘resin swirl fins’ thread    …my latest panel … ]


please feel free to give me a  "HOY ! "  [ NOT Matt, though ! ]  ,  if you’d like any of my fcs’ed or proboxed fins , eh ?


 cheers mate !