finish coating question

I have a question regarding gloss coating, particularly in the area of the fins. I either have unsightly puddles at the base of the fins or a tacky(literally) fin when im done. I know there must be an obvious solution to my dilemma. Thanks in advance for any input. Cheers!

Don - To prevent this, try masking off the bases of the fins just above the base and gloss the bottom as you ordinarily would - don’t gloss the fins yet. When cured, scuff the edge of the gloss at each fin and mask off the bottom and one side of each fin. Turn the board on edge and gloss the unmasked side (now facing up) of each fin. When cured, flip board to other edge and do the same to the other side of each fin. You will have a few extra seams to deal with - I use the edge of a razor blade and/or some wet/dry sandpaper. This method should leave enough resin on the sides of the fin to buff out. What was happening was the resin and surfacing agent was running off the fin before it set, leaving puddles and tacky areas. For your present project, you might be able to coat the sides of each fin with sanding or gloss resin as described and just wet and dry sand the puddles. Good luck.

What I do to eliminate this problem is to brush the fins first, wait 1 or 2 minutes( glossing resign takes a little longer to set so you have time for this)then brush the rest of the bottom of the board. By doing it this way the excess resin on the fin flows down to the base and gets brushed away on the bottom.