Finished 2nd board - Balsa

I’m really not a shortboarder (I haven’t ridden one in 15 years), but reading one of Bert’s posts about a board he made with a reduced rocker and a sort of longboard shape motivated me to try and make one of my own. Even though there was a little excitement along the way I think it turned out way better than my first board. I tried a lot of new things on this board: Made my own fins, installed glass ons, concaved deck, and bagged on the glass. The board ended up being 6’9" x 22" x less than 2" thick. It weighs 11 pounds including the fins.

Looking good, I lost my nerve when it came to bagging on the glass and ended up doing it old school. Is that inlay or a stain?


nice classic looks…cool!

Thanks! The dark would is a redwood inlay. I did it as an experiment for 11’6" tandem I’m just getting started on. I can’t wait to try and bag that!