Finished my first board

Hi Guys,

I’ve just finished my first board and wanted to thank everyone for the assistance. I’m pretty happy with how the board turned out. The shaping was good fun although I did leave the nose a bit thick. The glassing went ok except I left my laps a little thick and ended up with two small spots where I have a few little bubbles.

The board is a 6’10"x12"x20.5"x14.5" and its 2.75" thick. I’ve had the board in the water on Sunday and it’s definitely looser than what I’m used to. I’m going to experiment with some larger fins but it great to ride something that you’ve made with your own hands. Once again, thanks for everyone’s help!

Finished shape:

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Finished board:

The anticipation:

Sweeeeet…nice clean outline will facilitate horizontal projection if the tail rocker is in synch…ME’s make good shapers…congrats!

ps - make sure you finish the bottom with 400 grit…makes a noticable difference


That really came out great - and as meecrafty said, a real clan looking shape! If it’s a clark blank, which did you pull it from?



great job, Matt. That looks FUN !!

Where is that you launched it ? Sandon ?

Those sound good floaty dimensions…I have a 7 ’ x 20 x 2 7/8 , but with a wider nose [a single fin, though.] I like that length and width.

Are they F.C.S…close together ? Because I was going to say, if they’re standard width between plugs, I could send you some SMALLER side fins, for use with a bigger back single fin if you’d like to try that, Matt ? [let me know if you’d like to give it a go… ]

okay, catchya mate !


I’m off to post ‘my current project’.

1st board? Man, that is pretty impressive. Very nice job!

Headhigh, you just took the words out of my mouth! I was about to write exactly the same… But I’m sure that I’m not the only one…

Thanks guys for the comments, it’s much appreciated.

Meecrafty, my last step was sanding with 600 wet & dry with water then squeeging along the length of the board.

Herb, the blank is actually from Surfblanks Australia. It’s their 6’10" short board blank with the DHD rocker which has 6 1/8" nose rocker & 2 7/8" tail rocker. It was a bit more rocker than I was initially after. I wanted the Magic01 rocker (5 3/4" nose, 2 1/2" tail) or Rusty rocker (6" nose, 2 3/16" tail) but they were sold out of the Magic01, even though I rang the day before and they had some in stock then. I kept the natural rocker while shaping as I didn’t want to introduce the chance of screwing the flowing curve. No doubt the extra rocker is contributing to the looseness as well.

Ben, I can’t believe you picked that it was Sandon Point!!! Unfortunately there was a pretty strong onshore wind that just destroyed any chance of quality. I ended up mainly surfing the beachbreak as the point was too messy. The fin system is the Fin Solutions system. Their website is and you can buy the system from Shapers Australia, Feral Dave or direct from them. The system does accept FCS fins. I’m actually going to make up some different fins and experiment with those. Thanks heaps for the offer and I’ll see how I go and then I’ll get back to you about the fins.

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