Finished my hollow board

I finally finished my hollow and thought I would post some pictures.

Big thanks to Paul Jenson’s great website and the inspiration I have

found here. Dimensions are 8’ 01" x 22 1/2" x 2 3/4".

One more pic…

Thats a bloody nice board Marke! Congrats!!

That is a beautiful board

I love and i like the leash loop

Could you elaborate some…Wood types, construction techniques…Goddammmmm though, an absolutely beautiful board. How long did it take you? How much prior woodworking experience had you had? Thanks

Wow! Such a lot of work, amazing. Now I feel like I take so many %^&$^%$ shortcuts :slight_smile:

How many layers for the rails & the nose & tail curves?

What kind of glue?

What’s it weigh, all in?

What kind of wood are those fins?

Are the rails bending ply or thin-cut solid pieces?

How’d you get the leash loop to look bronzed?


I am a cabinetmaker so I am actually more familiar with wood than I am with

foam and fiberglass. I basically went to and followed Paul Jensons instructions. I used a lot of the scrap plywood and

veneer that I had around my shop so that influenced the materials that I used.

I used 1/8" bending plywood for the rails and I used yellow glue and clamps to build them up. I did the nose and tail first and then filled it in.The rails took me a long time. I would imagine that Paul’s technique using contact cement and cork would be quicker and just as good.

Paul Jenson has thought the whole thing through very well. I am not sure I could have done all that work if I wasn’t sure it would work, I really admire him for being able to follow through on an idea.

The leash loop a brass coat hook cut to shape and then used to support fiberglass roving.

The board weighs 22lbs.

Really, really nice. I’ve been thinking about making one myself but I gotta learn my epoxy phase first (already have poly wired). I also want to surf one of those 16 foot boards by Wagoneer, they look really cool.



Unless that’s stain, it looks like a combo of Balsa(or Palownia?), Maple, Walnut, and perhaps Rosewood or Bubinga?

Veneer or 1/4-1/2" hardwood sheets used?

Wood is Good…

The deck is pine and walnut 1/4" strips laminated onto 1/8" door skin.

and the bottom is a mix of walnut.maple and mahogany paper backed veneer

on 1/8" door skin. 1x4oz glass on the bottom 2x4oz glass on the deck.

Fins are pine and walnut.

Marke, that is a BEAUTIFUL looking board !

…must have been days [if not weeks !] worth of labour involved in that. Seems a shame to wax her…but you must of course.

I look forward to hearing how it rides !


Hey Marke,

Well done mate, I know the feeling of finishing your first HWS, and it does seem a shame that that’s the best it will look up until you wax it and get it wet.

For the sake of others about to get into it (inspired by how yours turned out) could you get a picture of the profile showing nose and tail rocker and a full piccie of the outline front and back.

Could you also show the vent plug. I love your idea of the brass in the leash loop, I woodent (sic) have thought of that.

Again, very well done, you should be proud of yourself.

(Wash the soap suds away from view next time…LOL)



Hey Hicksy,

All I have for now is a picture of the outline my ugly mug and more of that soap.

Here’s my first attempt, my girls and I ride this just about every weekend. 1’, 2’ 3’ no foot…

I’ve built another 2 since then and it just gets easier.

Your board is fantastic for a first one…



Hey Marke,

As I look over the photos of the board I can’t find a thing wrong with anything you’ve done. The outline is to die for. The rocker looks perfect for what the board is. The rails are CiK. I can’t see the foil or bottom configuration too well but my intuition tells me that this board will ride beautifully in almost any surf you get in N.Y. or N.J.

I’m very impressed with how you did the rails mate. They flow beautifully with the outline. Once you wrapped the ply around the frame how did you shape them? They are truely a work of art! The board is going to be so so smooth to ride and will hold it’s speed beautifully. How did you work out the vent plug? Don’t just hang this one up on the wall it’s great surfboard.

Inspired workmanship! You’re a top man in my book.

Mahalo, Rich

The vent plug is just a 1/4" inch brass insert and a knurled knob. I got them both from I found a rubber washer to seal it tight.

I turned the rails down with a belt sander and finished by hand. That part was

nerve racking because I wanted the rails to have some bite and they are hollow. I was afraid I would sand through.


Nice Board and great job! I just left you a message so check your PM box. Would love to see the board in person and give it a go if your inclined to let a local have a go. Hope to see you in the lineup. Later.

while my jaw is taking a vavation on the floor

thoughts of where in the vatican they will make room for your board while the pope is not surfing it…of course the next pope will not only redecorate but will create a nice wave pool in st peters square especially to ride this board…as an offering to the pagan ocean spirit of the waves it can be no greater an offering ,praises to your determination and scrap pile in your shop …inside wintertime well spent,this board is also a stellar reproductive Icon…take your wife to the tropics and while you are not surfing perhaps she might concieve…ambrose…pulling my jaw back up to face height to drink some water and go botch a cabinet job with my mini grinder,they look recycled the day they’re finished.

That’s one slick board you got there. It looks like you really spent a lot of time on getting it just right. Very, very well done, and the bottom is a really nice take on using sheet veneers. I quite like it, a lot more classy looking than my plain ply bottom. As we Canadians say, “Beauty, eh.”

What is your finished weight? I’m assuming that it’s somewhere around the 30ish lb mark. Did you use the carbonfibre on the inside? I’m doing another board with my one buddy off of my old forms, and I’ll be showing your bottom idea to him… All the best on your next, and I’m looking forward to seeing it…


that is a sweat board. Makes me ashamed of mine. Almost done now…