fins and design of an unconventional craft... *PIC*

my name is tyler, im 15, live on maui, and surf a waveski. if you dont know a waveski is basically a thick surfboard that you sit on and surf. we can do all the same moves as surfers, just sitting down and with a paddle. anyways, what im posting for is to ask about some design issues you may be able to help me with. first off, my current board has a single into double concave bottom. what are the advantages/disadvantages of this? im trying to dcide if i should keep them for my next board (yes, board. they are made of the same foam/epoxy construction as a surfboard.). what types of surf does this particular, and other concaves work for? secondly is a fin issue. nearly all waveskis have standard longboard style (us) fin boxes, and so cant get many fin styles to choose from. im trying to find the best option, so im asking about shapes/foils/flex/base/depth. is flex good or bad for speed? (tip to base flex) what do assymetrical thrusters do to help speed/etc? is longer base better for speed? is it possible to have a fin that flexes along its base? would this help speed as well? has anyone used the original pro teck fins, and how do they like them? thanks a TON for any help! tyler ps. here is a pic from the recent world waveski championships to give an idea of what a waveski can do: (

Tyler - I think you should try the archives here for some info on your questions first. Since you have experience with this type of craft you may have an easier time translating the discussions here into useful info for your designs than most surfboard builders might… though there may be folks here who have some waveski design knowledge too(?). I think the way a waveski is ridden… how it’s weighted, turned, unweighted (can that happen?), trimmed, tourqed, etc is probably quite different from surfboards. But there are alot of discussions on basic, and not so basic, ideas of flex, concave, fin theory, etc. In the lineup, I must admit, I’ve never liked it too much when a waveskier shows up. They generally have ignored most of the normal ‘rules of the road’ in the water. Eric J

Can it Richard. Do you have to be such a putz?

Tyler, Those are great questions and countless discussions on those topics can be found in the archives. A book could be written on the fin questions alone. I agree with Eric in that you should search the archives to refine your quesitons a bit. I think you are the first waveskiier to ask a question around here. While I’m sure that you won’t find a ton of people with direct waveski experience, the principles that make them work should be quite similar to a surfboard (as opposed to a matt or finless board). You’ll find that alot of folks around here are very open to alternative watercraft. Don’t be discouraged by narrow minded people – just keep doing what makes you happy and the rest will fall into place. Perhaps you’ll invent something completely new and unexpected someday. Enjoy, S

too bad Merv Larson doesn’t peruse this board-he would be THE person to answer your questions Tyler, and if you don’t know who he is let’s just say he was ripping harder than anyone(with prbably the exception of Greenough)back in the 60’s-80’s, on a wave ski.

goat boat is just more fun to say (er… type) they are cool - i would try one if i had the chance - dont see em too often - i havent seen one since i went to oz where there are actually a lot of goatboaters. comment was not intented to be negative please accept my apologies

thanks for your responses. i was little nervous to post about that here, but i figured shapers and designers would have a more mature response than the average just surfer. i will do my best to find all info and interperet it, thanks. i will probably post back with some questions though! [wink] thanks a lot, and if your ever this way, give me a holler… tyler

Tyler: My advice would be to keep the fins from your previous ski. Most waveskis use a variation of the Fins Unlimited box which allows for a wide range of adjustment. As to the fin shape,size,and flex…you’ll have to experiment to see what best fits your particular style. I’ve found that my my skis react best with 3.5" sides and a 4.5" center. Fin placement is more critical than flex.

thanks, will do.