Fins for my 7'4

Any Future Fin suggestions for my 7’4, 18 3/4, 2 1/2 pintail Arakawa for Ocean Beach SF. I weigh 160-65, 5’8. Surf this board in the 2x overhead range and I like to turn when possible. I was thinking fiberglass full size Merricks possibly.

My 7-10 pintail gun has carbon reinforced glass Merricks (glass on) and the board has unbelievable forward drive yet carves a tight arc when I put it on rail and dig the tail. I say go for it. My fins are stiff and work great in big powerful surf so I would recommend getting the stiffer carbon future ones and not the plastic ones.

Use the EA 4.50 - currently available in plastic composite, RTM , and custom fiberglass. The best starting point is the fin designed by the shaper - an Arakawa fin for an Arakawa shape. If, after riding the 74, there’s someting you’re looking for that the fin dosen’t deliver, go to the Futures website and check “Thruster Fins” link. That link has a simple chart that provides their perspective on the performance of their various fin designs.

G.G. I concure with Steve. Arakawa fins on an Arakawa shape seems the perfect place to start. I have several friends surfing them and they are all very happy with them. If they fall short of giving you the kind of performance you’re looking for drop me and email and we can discuss where to go from there. Mahalo, Rich