Fireball Fish

Anyone know anything about that board Tom Curren rode in 94’?

How long, wide, nose/tail width + thickness?

Also, I know it had 6 channels and a thruster set up, but I am hoping to learn more about what the rocker was like and what size fins were on it.

I did a search here on swaylocks and found out some stuff about it, but nothing specific.

Any help will be appreciated,


The fireball was shaped by Tom Petersen MP’s brother. The fireballs I have seen were 5’8 to 6’4 from 18&1/2 wide to 19&1/2 ,2&3/8 to 2&1/2 thick . nose and tail no idea. swallow tail fairly shallow, 6 channells witha step tail, check step channels in the archives last month as there was a photo posted by chipfish61. Good boards , a modern twist to the 80’s thruster. Currens was a 5’8 or 5’10. Get a copy of searching for tom curren it is in there in the credits.

hi sharky !

…somewhere , in amongst all this crap in my flat , there lurks an exercise book with some dimensions of the fireball fish I put on that thread of speedneedle’s recently . Meanwhile , here’s the thread again , in case you missed it …;search_string=step%20stingers%20and%20curved%20channels;#207465

…I hope this will help …


p.s. - when I find that book , I’ll add to this post, okay ?