Firefox browser and swaylocks

Anybody using this browser?

Here’s my question,

How do i get the white and grey bars that seperate each thread to be not as tall. In othe words make them vertically narrower. Explorer and Safari have the same height on the bars and it is about 20% narrower.

Any help is appreciated

i primarily use firefox and don’t seem to have any problem. i just checked it against IE, and the boxes are the same height. perhaps your text size is at a larger setting in firefox, making everything a little bigger??

I see what you mean. But I don’t think there is anything you can do about it on the user side. Firefox is just interpreting the html code differently than explorer and safari. You can decrease the font size, but that’s not going to change the height of table rows themselves.


Played around with heights and didn’t see any difference. Perhaps becasue I am on a MAC…maybe that’s a snag.

Another thing about Firefox, after you post Safari always took you right back to the discussion forum. Firefox doesn’t do that. Do you ahve that problem?



Use the ctrl- and ctrl+ to make the text and all the spaces bigger & smaller. I can always find a size that’s comfortable to read.