firewire/lost f1 formula

hey guys, so i got a few questions for those fire wire guys out there, i reacently just bought a firewire/lost f1 formula in 6,5 i bought it more for when the surf gets a little bigger, does any one have experiance with this board or a similar model in double overhead surf? i have a chance to extange it back for a board of equal value, and i really need a good larger wave board, something for clean heavy surf! have only had a chance to surf it once in sloppy waist high beach breaks soo not the most optimal testing area but it definitly  flys.

feel free to post other fire wire questions!

thanks richard

here ya go

I had a 6’2 quadraflex,it felt too light in DOH surf.Even though the waves were clean the board just felt too light and skipped and chattered across the surface.For bigger waves I like a heavier board,it helps when burrying your rail on  bottom turns,the added weight seems to add a little speed to the drops for me also.