Does anyone know what the large piece of wood or ??? (maybe balsa) is going from tail towards the nose on Taj’s board in Chile? You’ll see it right in the center and it looks to be 3-4" wide. Are these the weights discussed in earlier posts or is it a big wood center stringer? See below photo for reference.

Its called a springer and is basically a piece of balsa that helps make the board harder to flex.It helps control flex. I have a board coming from sunova that is going to have this same concept added to it.

I don’t understand if it has too much flex and you need to add this why not just stick to a center stringer or a 3/4 center or a fine wedge (1/4" nose to 1/8" tail)? Seems like lots of wood?

it’s more about controlling WHERE the board flexes. by stiffening up the tail, the board will drive off the bottom much better. keeping a flexy nose through the midsection keep the “squish” where it needs to be for a more comfortable, more responsive ride.

actually its to stiffen the midsection deck side.

tail and nose are naturally flexy from the foil

normal stringer would be a big dampener on flex

composite boards can be stiff and flexible

and stiff and non flexible aka smurftechs

taj would be better of riding all balsa

or balsa deck/sans bottom

lucky speedy new what to do with sans foam to make it pop

who knows what lays under the bonnet of that beast

stiff yet flexible

I was thinking why not go all balsa your almost there already.

My new 6’2 is all balsa, and has almost zero flex. It takes some getting used to, but I’m starting to like it. I rode a normal foam board the other day, and it felt flimsy in comparison. Now, I’m starting to wonder “Why do you want flex in a board?” No one is marketing boards with little to no flex? How come?

Flex gives you spring. You know the “pop” to get off the bottom and to the lip quickly and vertically. Too much is a sponge and too little is a stiff dog. That’s why different stringer combos makes more sense to me. I’m just surprised with all this new hype on the Firewires that this spring board or added wood is needed.

well i think taj prolly pushes his boards past the limits of a normal surfer

i would think his boards needed a bit more twang

its relative to the power of the riders legs

at the moment im riding an all airex skin board and its quite flexible

this is a vid of its flex when first built

it was too flexible so i stiffened it up through the midsection with some glass and carbon on the deck

now it goes sick

its got standard fcs m3s and a MVG from mark spindler

ive reduced fin size from m7 or sunny garcias

now im riding smaller fins with flexible boards

it felt a bit to much at first but now i cant surf anything else.

i have made plenty of stiff compsands out of balsa

and at the moment im trying to get rid of them cheap

even old favourites now seem like dogs due to the lack of flex

now i build boards that flex

and theres no turning back

and feedback from guys riding them is fantastic

standard off the shelf firewire would prolly be pretty good combo with extra glass and stiffer corecell

but the wood in the deck and rails keeps the board brighter for longer

they dont call it a springer for nothing

if they start using cheaper materials like pvc dvynicell

then they wont be anywhere near as good

this ones got a full balsa deck with an airex bottom

full deck springer aye

nice combo, good flex and not at all a noodle

thousand of variations

when you pump s turns on flex boards they respond smoother

they are easier to release off the top when fins release

and you can do critical turn with minimal speed

drawbacks are many if they are to flexible through the mid section

[indent]stringers are pretty retro



Good videos I miss NZ!


Retro yea so are fishes, eggs, longboards, etc…

where are you now cuttie

been getting some nice ones this year

seasons a bit late so its a lot colder

i rate the waves here better then queensland due to the fact thats there is so many uncrowded options

i was only joking about stringers btw :slight_smile:

surfboards are retro :slight_smile:

p/u and stringers are retro …

springers are almost an essential for maximum boostability if your running all foam skins …

nice comments silly , right on the money …

stringer is a stiffener , not something that gives nearly enough spring for its weight and placement …

get a wooden ruler and tell me which way can you bend it so it has the most ability to launch or catapult an object …

i rest my case …

real waves …

real surfers …

real designers …

real progress…

no hollywood …



stringer is a stiffener , not something that gives nearly enough spring for its weight and placement ...

get a wooden ruler and tell me which way can you bend it so it has the most ability to launch or catapult an object …

i rest my case …

In one moment, my 30 year perception of the stringer just changed entirely. Perfect analogy, Bert. Thanks!


get a wooden ruler and tell me which way can you bend it so it has the most ability to launch or catapult an object

Spitballs in Year 9, I agree Bert…spot on…


In the US but I miss the Kiwis and the surf!


I agree with your theory and I’m very open to new technology. But every time I go back to a 1/8" bass the spring is there This is in both PU and PE. In fact the laminate stringers seem to flex/spring even better. Just honest results from numerous tests. I’m really impressed with wedges running 3/4 to no stringer in the tail. I’m sure you have seen these on Sway. I’m not tied to only one type of technology I try all. That’s why I’m on this site!

I have had my firewire for 9 months now and it works great but I do have a problem with it over flexing.I can feel it when I am setting up to do an air.It will dig in and unflex to late.When it comes to doing a cuttie it is pure magic though.I saw on their website that they are going to offer a Taj model and you can get it with carbon glass.I ordered a board from Bert and cannot wait to get it.I am sure his will be far superior to the firewire as well.

thanks for the input bert

always great to get your feedback

interesting you say that surfer cross

i thought that the corecell and 6oz would be all good

i find the same on my airex board (not that ive ever landed an air)

but i know the feeling of it digging

but the pluses outweigh the minus

i can try and guess the build on it

that springer would have been very carefully selected grade and grain

hey speedy

did anyone in the factory see you put that skin together

that board seems to be holding up well

are you getting an all balsa job from bert

i guarantee you wont look back

i used foam skins on my latest personal board

because i have been dinging the shit out of my boards surfing shalllow river bars and rocky points

but im getting into combo boards at the moment

i love the lsuper ightweight balsas best of all though

must build another one

they get snapped up by other people everytime i make one

so the only balsas in my quiver are early boards and rough and ready or stiffies

and i killed my magic one

Now, I know you are deeply involved with firewire and perimeter stringers, but a central stringer is not obsolete, much less retro. The stringer is necessary to more properly attach the top and bottom skins of the board, making it stiff. The perimeter stringers of a firewire don’t give as much stiffness to a board and I’m not entirely convinced that the same effect couldn’t be acheived by just adding a bit more glass to the rails, though it wouldn’t look nearly as cool.

A “springer”, I believe, is just the solution to a problem of a weak deck that dings too easily and may be more prone to buckling. More and more, I sympathise with Roy, people making stoke based claims as facts “essential for maximum boostability”. As for the ruler analogy, sure it works for a ruler, but not so much with a 6 foot 1/8 inch thick piece of balsa. I’ve seen 6 foot long thin peices of wood, and on the horizontal, they are floppy, not springy.

Personally, I prefer very stiff short boards, the flexy ones I’ve made felt too soft when pumping. But I do enjoy flexy longboards where a change in stance of board position can flatten or increase rocker, letting me go faster when a wave changes shape.

I’ve heard of t-bands, but what if you were to take a springer and a stringer and put em together, would that help make a lightly glassed board much stiffer w/out adding so much weight as more layers of glass? Or would it be just as heavy?