first board questions

hey guys i just have a few questions before i build m first few boards. first, how much money should i set aside for materials (ie. eps blanks, resin, fiberglass cloth, etc.) for my first boards? i have the tools excludeing the squegees but i didnt know how much to put aside so i have enough to last me. Also, does anyone have any pictures or plans for shaping & glassing stands? if i use an EPS blank do i use a fibeerglass cloth and resin or do i use an epoxy? and lastly, where can i get resin/epoxy whichever i am supposed to use, for cheap? i looked online yesterday and saw some resin for $90 and it said one board. is that the right pricing or am i just not understanding it? If anyone could give me links to websites that they have found to have cheap materials i would really appreciate it. thanks, novasurfer is a good place to check out. I’m not trying to give them a plug or anything and i’ve never used them, but I do know they have alot of what you’ll need in one place.

Also, if you’re shaping eps you will need epoxy. Yes, epoxy is a bit more expensive then regular PE resin, but with EPS you don’t have a choice.

You can make stands VERY cheap (buckets, scrap wood, PVC pipe, etc). There are many examples of other peoples stands on this sight so check it and do some searches (check out resource section as well). There are also threads on how much $$ goes into one board. Just do some searches for key words.

SEARCH function is your friend.

here is a good link;

do a search for the Surfboard Design and Construction pdf

I saved the cost breakdown for board #1.

Pro Box Hawaii (fins)

1 Promo Kit 2 x Side Bite sets, 3 install jigs, allen key, router bit and install guide $40

4 6x6" Fin Blanks @ $6 each $24

$3.95 (shipping)

                                                                                                                              $67.95 TOTAL 

Planer: reconditioned Bosch model 3365;

$92.80 (with shipping)

Stands: $13.00 materials


Blank (6’9”A) $55.50

7 yds. 6oz. cloth $26.95

Respirator $24.95

Squeegee $10.00

1gal. resin $38.00

2 oz. sanding agent $3.50

2 oz. catalyst $3.00

slinky hose $16.95


$206.15 total

Other Tools:

Block plane $8.00

Surform $13.94

½” conduit (rocker level) $ 2.39

$24.33 total





$92.80 = $403.33

set up cost =$182.08

board material costs=$222.15


thanks for the help. what kind of blanks would i have to use in order to use the cheaper PE resin?

any blank/blank mfg will do except the EPS. But know that the epoxy resin is much more user friendly and will not stink your work area to high heaven. Where are you planning to glass? If you have picky neighbors or a close tolerance significant other think about it. What costs more, a small hit to your wallet or piece of mind or piece o anything :wink:

poly blanks;

eps blanks;

Might want to add to the EPS blank makers list-

Also for epoxy- 1-1/2 gallon kit ($105 = $70 a gallon) will easily do two boards with enough left over for repairs or…making test panels!