First post...Hollow wood board questions????

Found this site when the Clark Foam Debacle happened and have been surfing the site since. This is my first poast. A little background, I have built boards in my backyard (figuratively speaking) since 1989. All on Clark Blanks…Longboards and Shortboards.

Now to my topic: The threads on Hollow Wooden surfboards have really caught my eye. A couple of quick questions…

  1. Are the finished boards prone to warping if not stored on perfectly parallel racks???

  2. Are there drain plugs in all these boards???

  3. Is sun exposure / heat exposure a big problem / fear???

  4. How much does a finished board weigh???

Hello Mako,

Not sure what boards have caught your eye but regarding the Power surfboard the answers are:

  1. The boards remain true and do not twist

  2. All boards have vents

  3. Sun and heat are fine, if you have a vent OR a white wooden surfboard

  4. A finished board weighs the same as a piece of string. . . . anywhere from 10 pounds to 70 pounds so far.


regarding the boards I’ve made ( a 7’2’’ and a 5’6’’ fish) and the ones I’m currently building (6’8’’ egg and 9’4’’ long) using my own version of Jensen method, I can tell you:

  1. boards don’t twist or wrap once they have top and bottom layers glued on. the frame structure is prone to wrap (It happened to me once, until now) to avoid this, some kind of jig is needed.

  2. Vent plug is the name, better if you have one. I use a simple allen screw in all my boards.

  3. Not if you have a vent hole. I always unscrew my board’s vent when I’m out of the water.

  4. Weight varies from board to board, depends on dimensions and the method you use. My first board weighed 22 lb, second 10 lb. And hopefully my 6’8’’ will be about the same, and the 9’4’’ about 18 lb max.

Hope that helps.