First Resin Tint

Right, just about to do my fisrt cut lap with a resin tint. I’m going for the sky blue look with the white pigment mixed in to give it a cloudy effect. My question is (to all those in the know): Do I mix the white in with the blue (swirl it in) or do I do a complete blue bottom and then spreed some white around the board? I was thinking of mixing a small amount of the white into the blue and making it swirly (is swirly a word?) before pouring in onto the deck.

Also, once the bottom is done do I just glass the top as normal. I won’t be doing any colour on the top (appart from the rails at the cut lap).

I’ d also like to do a resin pin lin around the cut lap. I assume I do this after all the lam work and before the hot coat, then hot coat over the resin pin line?

Can’t wait to hear what you guys have to say,

Many Thanks


Once you’ve got your cutlap line taped off and deck masked, mIx your white and blue pigment into your resin to get the sky blue tone you want as your “base” color. Mix plenty of resin if your swirling. If you want to swirl in white, mix some white into some clear resin separately and set aside. I think 5 colors look best. Your base color, then four small batches of other colors - three complementing colors and one accent color. Catalyze base and your swirl color(s), pour the pour the swirl colors into the base, give two figure 8 stirs, then pour out the batch over the board in a cool, swirly pattern, letting it flood the flats and run off the rails. Pour the first half from nose to tail in a pattern. Then go back and fill in the “blank spots” with the second half. The more swirl you give it as you pour, the better it will look (IMO).

Cut the lap once it’s good and gelled.

Glass the deck as normal - whatever that means!

I’m not a pinline pro, but I do the pinline over the hotcoat with pigmented hotcoat or gloss resin - not lam resin - then gloss over the whole thing. Others have pinlined over the gloss coat using pigmented gloss resin, but that gets tricky.


NJ has given you the correct advice for what it sounds like you want to do. I personally use gloss resin in my pins, some people use india ink, some paint, and others 3M automotive striping tape, almost always on the hotcoat. Remember that you are going to need more catalyst than usual with pigment! UV will not work!!! Good luck!

By no means an expert but I can say that UV resin has worked fine for my experience, as long as you add catalyst. Less is needed for lighter pigments/tints, probably standard ratios for dark colors. You still have many of the benefits of UV curing, especially faster flip times, less poly fumes etc

Thanks everyone for your replies to my post. NJ, very detailed reply, much appreciated. I'll be shaping the board Saturday and hopefully getting the bottom of the board poured on Sunday (if I can get my wife out of the house for the day). I'll post a few pics next week. Fingers crossed! Thanks again, hope you're all getting some waves!