First shape in the works.

What I have partially glassed now is a 5’10 x 19.5" x 2.5" round-pin single fin. Full hard rails, super flat bottom, flat deck, pulled in nose; wide-point is dead in the center. I used a 6’2c Clark blank; the bottom has been glassed with one layer of 6oz. E, the top will be done in 6oz. E with another layer of 4oz. S for good measure. I air-brushed the bottom solid yellow which wraps over the rails and fades quickly to the center. I’m using an 8.5" fin box with a George Greenough 7.25" Stage-6 “Hatchet” fin; I also picked up a Dobson 6" fin. I’m real stoked on how this thing looks so far; I’ll snap some pics of it when I get the time.

Should work great in small, mushy waves! Prolly better than a fish!

My #1 was 6’ x 21.5 x 3.25 but with a 15" tail, same flat bottom and deck, hard turned down rails. It was great in surf under head high, but needed 10" swept longboard fins for bottom turn power.

I suspect hard down rails need more fin than soft rounded no tuck rails.

That was basically my main goal when making the template for this board - something to ride when its small, although I’ll definitely take it out in some good surf just to see what happens. My daily boards are a 6’1 x 18.25 x 2.25 squash JS and a 6’3 squash JS. Both are two of the best boards I think I have ever put under my feet, but they just don’t cut it when the surf is under 3’ or so.

I’m sure I’ll have to experiment with the fins; the George Greenough fin I bought from a friend for $12, basically brand new and the other fin I bought simply because it looks sick.