First Swaylock's Moderator Election!

Good day good people,

Swaylock’s is growing and it’s time for more moderators. In the past, I selected and invited moderators based on personal interactions and instinct as to who would make a good moderator. The current mods have done an amazing job keeping things on track – all for some t-shirts, a bar of wax, and internet imfamy. For that we owe them gratitude. Now, it’s now time to make the process democratic and allow you to choose your own site moderators. After all, Swaylock’s is created by you and anything and everything that is great about this place is thanks to our community.

So…what does this mean? Well, it means periodic democratic elections for new Swaylock’s Moderators. The goal of this election is to select three new moderators to add to the current group that is:


The elections will work as follows:

** Nominations** — two weeks 
In the nomination phase, any community member in good standing with at least 350 user points may nominate themselves — and only themselves — as a candidate in the moderator election. 

Nominations require writing a brief introduction, below, explaining to the greater community why the candidate (you) would make a good community moderator. Comments are encouraged in this phase, along with plenty of editing to make the introduction better, but there is no voting. The top 15 nominees (ordered by userpoints) proceed to the primary phase unless they opt to withdraw. Note: If there are 10 or less candidates at the end of this phase, we skip directly to Election.

Election — two weeks 
In the election phase, all community members cast three votes. All votes are private until the election is complete, at which point the election data file (the vote totals for all the candidates; no identification of who voted for whom) will be freely and permanently viewable by anyone.

The candidates with the top three vote totals will be added as the new community moderators.

That’s it!

If you want to nominate yourself, please do so below. Also, if you have any questions or suggestions on this process, please enter them below.


Wait a second… Is this true Oneula? You’ve skated bowls with Jay Adams!!!

How’d I miss that one?

Wait…I thought all mods made big money, got company cars, and had access to the super secret mod rooms stocked with free beer?


In all seriousness, it’s a thankless job that deserves a lot more recognition than it gets. Good luck to the nominees, congratulations to swaylocks on the growth, and thanks for being the single best resource for surfing technology on the whole of the internets.

i DONOT nominate myself !


Pick one of the regulars from AUS or NZ.  

I will throw my hat in the ring.  I love this place, and would love to contribute in some small way to keeping it a great place for surfboard designers / builders of all persuasions. 

I owe a great debt to this forum for my surfboard building education, so I have a lot of respect for the generosity of those who share, teach, and encourage others in the spirit of positive stoke and aloha.  I check in regularly, and I have a good feel for the pulse of the place. 

Plus, I'm a contractor in a horrible economy, so working for little thanks is right up my alley, and I'm an artist, so working for no pay is also something I am fully experienced in =)

I nominate Kensurf and second Huck.

Glad to see you got your name Huck :slight_smile:



bill barnfield


shark county and oneula


  [that about takes care of the hawaii five-o / " mod squad "  ...] ...


  what about


spain ?

portugal ?

  japan ?

 new zealand ?

 england ?


how many mods can we have ? [to change a swaylocks lightglobe / finbox ?]


(** edit ...pardon my ignorance , but I though paul jensen and leeV  were moderators , too, Mike ? **)



  cheers !



HUIE ( i can’t even duplicate his script, which should never, be allowed, by anyone, as a rule-really! and McDing should be in charge because it would entertaining to see them agree on what needs moderating.

Thraikill, and Spitzer get my votes too, could always be there on what came first, or who did it first, especially on the multi-fin stuff, I am pretty sure they not only invented Kool-aid, but also they drink it too.  (Its a joke, because they really believe, what they believe).

Kokua, again gets the push, because he’s the coolest, but Ambrose is cool too, in an etherial sense.

Heck at this point I would vote for the hillabilly/carpetbaggers so then they would ban me, because they’ll never comprehend anything I say, let alone my sense of humor, and then I could do things of real importance.  Insert theme from “Deliverance” here- Da na na, na na.

Barnfield always gets ultimate respect, but then “The Genius, Jim Phillips” merits the same dignity, which always trumps; “I learned it on the internet.”

Really this place seems to moderate itself, and  Paler’s got a money maker, and we are now pawns in his sometimes entertaining reality show.

No thanks.  Although between Huie and me I' sure we could piss more than a few people.  But hell;  We're able to that already without the benefit of being "mods".  Besides I'm used to being involved in threads that get locked down.  I don't think I could be the guy that locks 'em down. Lowel

" Really this place seems to moderate itself ..... "


  yes ,


  [ the words "seems" or "needs " [ to be able to ]   could be interchangeable ?? ] 


you'd figure ...


  in a "perfect " world ,


  where adults actually behaved like adults ...


  that "moderators" may not be needed ??




  the word 'moderate'   has interesting meanings .....



I guess a definition of what a 'moderator' is ...




is 'expected' to 'do'  ,  may be needed ... for the latecomers , the curious , and those keen to "become one" , perhaps ??


  cheers !



 ....."and  Paler's got a money maker"

[p.s.   ....  I'm not sure  that  / if Mike actually ever makes any  MONEY out of this , somehow ?! .... ] 



[p.p.s. edit ....


  if becoming a 'mod'  is based on 'user points '??  uh , oh ...  can i please change my username and zero it , again ?  cheers ! ]

Thank you for the mention, but I am not available for Moderator duty.   Too busy making a new batch of Kool-aid.

Oh my god.... will the inmates soon be running this asylum???

What will the Japanese say?


Oh my god.... will the inmates soon be running this asylum???


I hear if you re-up you can reinstate your past seniority  =)

…so where s Coque, Hicksy and Haavard?

years without logging in

Did I hear my name mentioned?

are you seriouse ,,, hell I cant even spell correctly!  LOL

Sorry,,, Im not your guy and I realy dont have the time or the computor skills,,, but thanks for the honorable mention

and I love the drama too much!

[quote="$1"] where s Coque, Hicksy and Haavard?

years without logging in



perhaps not actually YEARS ...


  but they have been noticeable in their absence ...


  perhaps the stress of moderating is too much ?


all the cyber police / fight-breaking up duties , deleting posts , ?warning people?  ... it can't be too much fun really ?? [especially when its free labour]


I admire you , Mike 'Swaylock' , for hanging in there so many years with this site , thanks heaps !!  

I guess you have survived by not posting often either , so as to avoid getting dragged into ['whatever'] ...


  cheers !




I think that’s the plan… As long as they’re PRO inmates  I’ll wager…

That way, instead of  having to reprimand the stupid, idiot,  garage hacks on every thread, they can just  eliminate them from the conversation…Presto

  Kinda’ like self appointed exterminators… lol

Huck - Nicest  guy here.  And some trippy wooden build ideas

Kensurf - First to help a newby with glassing question since Kokua left.

Llilibell - If he can keep a classroom of middleschoolers in line, this place NEEDS him!

Stingray - Because he comes right with Kensurf for the same reason.

Surfding - He makes pro boards, and used to post tons more before the monkeys started trashing him.  LESS MONKEYS, MORE SURFDING!