fish fry japan 2009

my few pics from the fish fry in japan… the Guys at Blue magazine run a great event, cheers and enjoy the pics

I thought they ate their fish raw?. Just kidding, seems to be spreading. Must get to the aussie one, one day.

lots of raw fish going down. so good to see guys walking arounf with thier legrope and id trying boards all day. we must of had 25-30 guys try our boards out. i even got a bit of time to walk around and chat to fellow swaylockians SUSEJ and a couple others i forget thier names as i post. while my 6 boards were out on demo i could go chatting and ogling the cool work of others.

Was good to meet you Dave. I should have gone up and introduced myself sooner.

It was a fun event - lots of nice/interesting/beautiful boards to check out and fondle. Had a few people check out some of my boards, but most were more interested in the bonzer I brought along. Oh well, had a great day anyway.

Have you got any more pics?

Hey Dave,

Only slightly related, but do you know anything about a wood board event coming up on the Goldy?


yes mate, grant newby who runs the goldy fish fry is running it. its in august i believe…

dave… why is this so good do you think

i personally think its one of the better examples of board “art” . it actually kinda sneaks out of the “craft” label and possibly into the “art realm”

even tho its kinda heavily influenced by other artists .

i prefer resin work to sprays due to the ramdom and emotional results. it does not try so hard to “Be” something

airbrush and stencil art is a little like “folkart” where little old ladies stencil floral designs onto dressing tables and boxes

real art " the 5 k painting or whatever"

how often do you see that on a surfboard

beauty is in the eye of the beholder… each to thier own… you like it you buy it… etc etc. some guys consider the shape alone an artform…

i dont think tracing an image can really be called art. look at this way.if you did it on canvas instead of a surfboard could you hang it in half decent gallery for a few k, or sell it at the flea market. if its the later then its not really “art” imo

its a craft. like knitting and stencils

Hi Dave, Was nice to meet you and chat about things.

See you again somewhere.

Couldn’t check out your pics,Any clues?

yes Mate, i enjoyed meeting you and seeing your nice work.


just landed home this morning… back to work toomorow…