Fish question...

Truth or fiction: Fish don’t go backside very well.


Fiction. I’ve heard that myth since 1972. If a board is symetrical, why would’nt it work going left or right? Mike

they are different backside, but they work – all boards are different backside – give the fish a ride

As Mike said, a symmetrical board must be good or bad on both directions.

But the truth is that i prefer twin fins surfing frontside and single fins when surfing backside… i don’t know why, but i feel like twin fins doesn’t hold enough on the bottom turns when i’m surfing backside.

Anyway, maybe the thing is just learning how to surf backside a twin fin.

Good waves!

The only reason it would not go well…would be the rider…peace and waves…

The difference is that riding backside you tend to put your board more on rail when driving. This is not the way a fish is designed to work. The fish drives by using less rail and more bottom. If you understand this then a fish works great backside you just have to have a flatter drive and focus more on down the line.

Excellent answers on the problem of fish backside.

Easiest cure is bigger fin on heel side, for backhand riding.

Of course, getting used to the board, being a great rider, cures that problem also. Tom Overlin was the best goof on right point breaks I ever saw, and used small, 4.75 side fins. Pure talent can overcome anything.

Thanks guys! The thrusters are going on the shelf for a while… I can’t wait!

Not true. My brother shaped me a 5’8" fish last summer and it works great going backside.

mine seems to be working well backside, haven’t had too many rights compared to lefts, but on a few I was able to cutback semi roundhouse in a pretty cool positive feeling way

My fish works fine backside due to the twin pins that provide good hold. But my retro Mark Richards style twin fin doesn’t work to good on hollow juicy waves. On weak small waves it’s not a problem but in juicy hollow waves you have to nurse the backside bottom turn. aloha