fish salvage

a little background. i had shaped a fish for the ab3 east event a few months back, and placed the fin boxes too far back. didnt want to toss the blank so i set it aside to see what i could do with it later. so this is going document my attempt to salvage this board, and hopefully this will be of help to someone else.

i started by cutting out the boxes (which i had already set with resin) using a drywall saw

i got a piece of scrap foam and measured out 2 sections (slightly larger than the holes i cut) to use as plugs


sorry guys having trouble getting my pics up from photobucket… will try again later


here the plugs have been trimmed with a rasp and sandpaper to fit the holes in the blank. once they are in, then i sanded them top and bottom to fit the contour of the board. its better to have them a little smaller (shallow) than bigger, because i will be filling the gaps in the next step.

i covered the repair with spackle the fill in the gaps. it took me a few coats, sanding in between each one, to get them smooth.

deck view:

bottom view:

i will update as i finish the board


Hey Brasco

man, that looked a way drastic move there with the drywall saw staright through the board. Looks like you pulled it off though. Balls of steel award to…

Peace, n’ all that!