Fish Take 2

Hi all, especially George (Plusone), Chippy, Rooster and Hicksy,

As you might remember, my dog killed my other fish-to-be and was laid to rest (blank, not the dog). Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, behold a new blank and a fish was reborn and God saw this was very good. So in the interests of documentation to prove that I can saw an outline out without stuffing up, here is my new fish outline.

Thanks go to George for the dimensions.


ps - managed to accidentally shave off 1/2 inch from outline so board is 20.5 instead of 21 - still, it looks sexy and once those wood keels go on, well, lets just say that I’ll be kicking the dog out of the bed.

Hey Ado!

wow, that board looks, umm, “good enough to eat”! Ruff…

…will you be leaving this sleek, new beauty out for your dog to play with?

(good job, get it glassed soon!)

Hi George,

Happy New Year to you and yours.

Not far from glassing - just need to foil and do the rails.

Dog has been banned from shaping area but he still plays with the left over foam.

Rails area bit scary - any tips/advice/how to?

Take care and thanks again.


Ha! LoL! Your dog can play with some scraps…

for doing the rails really killer use the vertical sidewall as your guide. I was shown this by a

shaper named “T-Boy” who learned it from Joe Quigg and also a bit from Dick Brewer.

The “sidewall” is (should be:wink: your remaining 90 degree outline that shows even after your

rails are roughed in. So, at your widepoint, the sidewall should be about 1 inch after you’ve

domed the deck but have done NOTHING to your tuck (bottom into sidewall).

The secret here

is to make your sidewall flowing and really sexy. Sight the top edge down a bunch of

different ways, knocking down any highs so you have a nice sweep looking along the

sidewall/deckdome line. Then make the other sidewall look the same.


what you should start to notice is that your deckdome has some lumps and bumps as you transition

from your sidewall, up into the deck. Clean the bumps to match the sidewall line, make it sleek.

This is called foiling- it gets ignored a lot by novices but is super-important to getting a cohesive

package of proper shaping elements. Things will “look right” as you will soon see.


you can put a bevel in for your tuck. For years I used the “fred” style tool, but I’ve been convinced

to go back to a single 45 deg bevel, focusing on two things:

First, keep the bevel the same angle. Pretty easy if your shaping rack accomodates your blank at

certain angles (hint).

Second, make BOTH lines sleek and sexy (sidewall/bevel and bevel/bottom).


if you have lumps and bumps in your lines and you know for certain your bevel is killer, then you have

issues with either template, bottom rocker, or both. This is the time to clean up your outline and rocker.

Use your shaping lights. Get into it!

After all this, you can start putting secondary, tertiary, bevels etc. But this would be probably too

much crapping on- sorry about that, I’m just into it.

hope this helps,

Happy New Year!


“my other fish-to-be and was laid to rest (blank, not the dog).”


say it isn’t so , aido !

remember ian’s 5 yo son ?

the phoenix board must rise again .

lazarus exists on THIS side of australia too [family joke]



p.s. - when will you come surfing with us , mate ?? [Unlike your dog Occy , I don’t bite , you know !]

Thanks for the info George! It will take me a while to digest but I get the basics. I’ll keep you posted and probably pm you some more questions as I go - cheers mate.

Chippy - sent you a PM dude!


thats a nice outline AJ

hey george

your website is awesome mate

what a great resource

it was like waking up seeing those pictures

Hey george - your website is super interesting…especially that “Tumor”!

You don’t happen to have any video of it being ridden do you?

Hey Silverback,

My buddy has video of the Tumor but he’s so darn hard to get ahold of…

(VERY low-key guy, there’s a whole network of these guys riding some pretty

questionable stuff!)

The times I surfed with him, I can attest that his idea kinda actually works.

He puts his chin on that lump and pushes down hard when paddling for a wave.

Seems to catch waves super-early for a 5’7".

It surfs pretty “normal” looking- He’s very talented, 360-airs, etc… I’ll keep trying

to get that clip going.

He has the next-gen in his head, and says it will still have the lump up front, hopefully

not as fat, since I had to glue two blanks together to make it almost 6" thick at the peak…

Another one of the guys is riding a board I don’t have on the site, they call it “the Blunt”

A quad that’s 4’10", first one was made in the early-90’s, he swears by them (?)…


…so …

anyway , Aido …

update , please ?

you glassing it soon , mate ?