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Hey guys

Can anyone explain to me a way of making up a template for a fish. I want to make myself a fish around 6’6" x 22" x 2 7/8. I have seen a lot of good outline shapes on the net but I cant figure out how to get an image on the screen to the full size of the template that I need a board. I have searched the archive and found one small thread but it didnt go into detail. Something about adobe illistraiter.

Can any one give me a step by step guide for this process or any other possible ways or even computer programs that I might need to get me a good fish template.

Thanx Guys


Shellharbour NSW


pm me and we can discuss a template. i’ll put something together and email you a pdf file which can be plottted out full size.



I can snail mail you a template for a 6-6 fish. Let me know.mike

A I mentioned earlier I was wondering if there was a way to take an image or photo and somehow make a template out of it. Either through a computer program or some other method.

I see a lot of good outlines that I think would make me a good shape but don’t have an idea of how to get what I see onto a fresh blank.

EG: how would someone get these outlines and make a template from the image??

I have a couple of fish templates being sent to by some fellow swaylockions, with many many thanks, but sometimes I see something and think, Thats my next shape, but have know template.

Is ther a way???



Shellharbour NSW

The easiest way would be to import the image into a vector-based software application such as Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Freehand, Macromedia Fireworks or even Adobe Photoshop. There may be others that I am not aware of. You may need someone who is more familiar with the software to help you at first.

Then you’d use the appropriate tool (in whichever aplication you’re using) to trace the outline shape. You simply delete the photo and are left with a pure outline.

Then you just need to decide how to enlarge it. You could do this with software or print out at the same size and then blow it up on a photocopier.

If you’re stuck with no software I will be happy trace it for you.


I remember when I first started. I used to try all kinds of ideas… One that works fairly well is to take the picture of the board you want down to office max. make a copy on transparency paper… I have an overhead projector but I am sure you can find one to borrow or use. I then would mark some template paper to the length I wanted and taped to the wall. Then I would shoot the image onto the paper and adjust it until it was the length I wanted…then I would trace 1/2 the outline. This is not perfect as it does not take into consideration the rocker curve but you can get pretty close and it is fun…I have done some art this way also and it works great…

I no longer use this method as I make all my own templates and designs now …but in the beginning it was a great learning tool.


krokus: great idea, never thought of it. thanks.

Feel free to use them:

mesurements are in CM



5’4" :


Very nice lob, i might just use those aswell.

I’m just about to finish a 5’11" fish the one that’s in the surfboard design and construction manual that’s online somewhere, but it’s quite a different outline ot those two fishes.

Cheers KS

Hey Lob,

Many thanks for posting those outlines, i’ve used the 5’10" outline and here’s the result.

Cheers KS

That"s great !!!

I feel happy I could give you so much stoke.

And it’s not over yet, now, you have to surf it and to reach the darkside of fishsurfing.

Have fun.

Very nice outline! And I like the art work very much, too. Those pale dots against a black background are killers!

…silly billy strikes again !

“lol” “pmsl” “roflmao” etc

heres one similar to the 5’10 but with some neat color work in the cloth. I posted a pic of the fin in the “fins that make you go woa” thread… neat

Im hopeing the guy who owns it needs cash so I can swoop on it…too old too slow… but I can still dream…

Hey Chip that photo in you profile box looks familiar. who’s the surfer?

Hey guys,

Not been on much recently due to work and play but have had some time to shape and glass another fish. Took the outline you posted up lob and lengthened it to 6’2". Thickness of this one 2 5/8". Really pleased but wish it was for me and not someone else. Still i hope to get a go on it this coming saturday.

Cheers KS

Go to and download the APS3000 software. It’s free and small— Java-based.

You can download photos, import them into APS, take templates (there’s a small amount of distortion from the 2D rendering of a 3D curved [rockered] object of course), stretch them or widen them or shrink or whatever you want. You can also rip the profile and design your own rockers with cross-sections (however many you want,) rail profiles, concaves, vee, estimate volume, compare different outlines with ghost images of each other, and then…

convert the thing to a PDF file (under APS print options) which you can e-mail to a print shop (Kinko’s) with a large format black and white printer (call them and ask for their e-mail address) and they’ll blow the outline (half the outline) up to your specified length for maybe 75 cents a square foot on plain paper, or about $5 for a half outline. Or you can print in yourself on a bunch of different sheets of paper and tape it all together… I like the Kinko’s option.

That’s what they told me. I’ve been too busy playing with the program to get off my honk and do it.

kinkos is definitely a better option. I’ve taped plans for airplanes together from small peice it’s a pain in the a… I got plans printed at Staples, 24x48 I think, it only cost like $2.

Lob, thanks for the template. i have stretched it a little and made my board #002 with it, a quad. I stripped an old windsurfboard, so it’s fully recycled, at least the blank…

I could only test it at a river wave yet, can’t wait to get to the ocean. merci!

You’re welcome :wink:

I really like to share what’s possible.

Templates are one usefull thing but they don’t make the whole board…

You still did the job yourself.

If you want to see and get more templates you can follow that link:

There are many.

Not all are excelent but some are :wink: