Fish templates are tough!!

I have been trying to come up with a 6 foot 4 inch classic that looks good using numbers from past archives but all mine seem to come out with the back half of board being really straight or the nose not looking right. I revisited the archives and some suggestions seem to indicate when failing, trying to just go with what flows. I did try this approach and came up with a template (on paper) that looked appealing (actually very appealing to me). My concern is that I basically have *zero background for design and my approach does seem very technical. I can see a veteran using this free-thinking direction but then there is me using it, haha *see note on design skills. Thanks, Herb Bean

Hey Herb Mail me at and I’ll send out a template. It’s a bunch of data in an excell spread sheet. Mine is for a 6’2" but I’ll scale it up to a 6’4" for you. Talk later Brian (ireland)

The tough part about blowing up shorter boardds to longer is the amount of curve through the center. You have the choice of keeping the middle width close to the original and pulling in the nose and tail, or keep boosting the center widths. I take template material, draw out the nose and tail and with a longer template of SIMILAR curvers, morph in the new center, this MAY still cause you to fudge the nose and tail dim’s. I have a very Bertlemanish 5’6" fish temp that I have made bigger versions of at 6’0" and 6’4". There is just no way to use the small one to draft out longer lines