Fixing a logo delam

I tried out some new rice paper and it didn't wet out very well...I have a place about 2" long and 1" along the stringer where I have some delam (the rice paper is sandwiched between two glass layers).  Here's what I was thinking of for a repair, any comments?

1.   Make a couple of slits with a razor blade along the stringer.

2.  Carefully pry up the glass enough to insert a syringe with a plastic tip.

3.   Squirt in some resin and try to get the glass and logo saturated.

4.  When done, should I put another piece of glass over the repair slits?

5.  Proceed with sanding coat, etc.


Thanks, and I appreciate any insight.

Just sand down through the first layer of cloth and through the lam till it’s gone, add more cloth and be done with it.  Hotcoat and sand as usual.  It’s what I would do.  If it comes out looking crappy, you can always do some artwork over it…

Thanks!  I'll probably start off with the repair, and if I bollix it up, go with sanding everything off and starting over.

Well, it worked pretty well.  I went through my steps, skipped #4.  Was able to slice and inject the resin fine, came out pretty good.  There is a small fine line on the stringer where I made the slit that you can see if you know it's there and look, I'll probably wax over the logo anyway.