Fla. Longboard Design

HI guys I have read almost all the longboard design discussions. I’m getting a better idea of what to look for in a longboard for my conditions. But, would still like to hear some other ideas. About me: 6’ 180 pounds surf North Palm Beach breaks. I currently ride a off the shelf 9’6" August WII and I don’t feel I’m getting the most out of our small weak slow moving mushy waves. So give me your idea about rails 50/50 or egg? To keep the same rail all the way around or turn them down in the tail. Tail rocker and lenghts. Hell, just give me differnt ideas to look at. I’m thinking of starting with the Walden “Kicktail” Steve Walden has emailed me asking to call him so he can answer my questions, but been holding off to get a better idea of what I should look for and understand what he is saying and why.

Dude, if you need quicker response and more life out of small, slow waves, just harden up the edge on your low egg rails, using 50/50 only forward of center, if at all. Take out some of the belly, try to go close to dead flat across, for quicker response and snap. Flat to panel V is still the fastest, especially when wave power is missing. Don’t change the rocker significantly, as you still need to drop in late, turn, and control speeds. Lighter weight always helps, but a 9’6"er is pretty fragile at 15lbs. already. Go with tri or big twins and a small trailer for extra snap and response.

LeeD is is right. I also think that the turmed down rails do better on smaller waves. I have an 9-1 egg shape and I am about the same size as you. I am looking to go lighter on my next board. my current board is about 16lbs afer a few repairs and leaks. It is a lot more nimble than a RA MM nose rider with 50-50 rails that I have. I am currently on a single fin Kick. Don’t think I will even have side bites on my next board.

leed just described the board im riding…almost…and it goes off in small mush i can get vert on it even in 2 foot waves …super hard tail edge blending into tucked under hard edge to middle, low soft rail for 2 feet then back to tucked hard edge in nose ,real thin rails for sensitivity.flater tail rocker for squirt off dead sections ,real wide 24.5 wide heaps of outline curve so its like a giant shortboard 19.25 nose .just a shaving of a concave all the way through ,with twin fin sides and a small tail fin … its the best small wave mal i ever had … regards BERT

My favorite Cocoa Beach board is 8’10" x 18" x 23" x 16" x 31/2" w/ healthy nose and tail kick. Single Wingnut fin / roundpin w/ 50/50 rails blending to semi hard in the tail. Fairly flat bottom (a little roll @ the rails) to soft V out the back (starts in front of fin, 'natch). Inspired by David N. Lightweight , it even sports a slight stepdeck to get nose weight down. Double 6 up top, single 6 bottom, gloss all the way around for long life. Not super fast, but super loose and catches almost anything! Just proves the point - different strokes … it’s all good (except gemini Speed Freak and that other weird board whose name I WON’T mention! But hey, what do I know, my next board is an asymetrical w/ a Hynson Stretch/ Fletcher Thriller type nose) …

You need a big, heavy, pintail, log around 9’6

Hey Bert, been thinking about a twin fin longboard for my home break as it is pretty small and gutless. Where abouts are you putting your fins and what system (if any) are you using? Whats the toe- in like? Many thanks, Dan.