Flat fish....

Saw this board, used for kitesurfing, by Top Hat of Oahu -it’s a flat obeche plank shaped into a fish outline.


Anyone seen/made similar boards or templates?

Have tried kitesurfing with an alaia, but it’s tooooo long to ride except when on a wave, and a skimboard, well, too short…

Seen some paipo size alaia too of course, but this is a different shape, trad fish tail and a drawn out nose that should help with chop etc.

Looking for templates or inspiration, advice, searched and found not…

Thanks from a new poster!

that guy is RIPPING, jebus

Yeah, I forget his real name, but Top Hat is a one of a kind waterman.

Supposedly before getting into kiting he was known for noseriding in the tube at pipeline, with his top hat in place, of course. Or could that one be apocryphal? Sounds good anyway…

I may not duplicate his riding, but might have a try at that type of board!

Holy Frijole!!!


Check out the next Youtube video, “Top Hat Classic”.  Some other kiter gets caught in an updraft, like an in-the-air rip tide!


So, long after posting, I made a kiteboard/skimboard inspired by this thing.It’s fun, but too short for me and needs a fatter nose (or a rider 150lbs or less…)flounderIt has ~2" rocker, concave  noseAnd channels…

Just thought I would share that…

Details: 54x20, 1/8 birch ply skins, built up birch ply rails, grid skeleton of WRC, filled with XPS from home depot, held together with RR, no glass. Light enough, maybe 5 lbs?

I rode it on a river with a kite, fell down a lot. For a laugh, check it here: