Flex and Fiberglass

whats the story behind the large number of delaminations on the pipedream boards I’ve had more than a dozen in this year for repair all delaminated around the back foot and the long decal. One customer said it was the fourth board in 12 months that had done this?

“As for flex of boards, I am currently riding a stringer less board that goes nuts. I made myself one about 20 years ago but made the mistake of putting my normal rocker in it, it went good until you started applying heavier force due to wave size, then it would over flex and the rocker become to curvy and you would basically come to a hault until you backed off the pressure, With my new ones I flatten out the rocker radically compared to normal so that when you are light footed looking for speed the rocker is at maximum flatness and when you apply the presure for manouveres the flex kicks in and the baord bends into the curve of the wave better, INTERESTING THEORY” This sounds not only interesting but logical to me. Do you glass top & bottom the same, or is the deck heavier? How large of a rocker adjustment do you make, and is it mostly in the tail of the board (do you still leave nose rocker in or reduce it too?) and, how long do your boards last w/ no stringers? thx,

Steve B, If this is the Steve I know then Muz says to sorry we’ve left you so lonely down there in Tweed mate but I’d like to think you’re exagurating on the delam situation. In the whole time I’ve been working for Muz I’ve seen minimal delams created by the black decal in particular on the deck by more heavy footed surfers. In every case it has happened we’ve taken the logo off the deck for those guys on the next board so 4 in 12 months is a few too many. Was that a team rider as I’m sure there are few people around here that can even afford 4 boards in a year??? But in the pursuit of customer happiness and we admit the decal caused minor problems for a minority of people we have changed the lay up. 1 in 500 or whatever it was was too many so things have changed. At the end of the day if that’s all that can be picked Spud’s doing a great job. I doubt any Australian manufacturer can dispute that one. In my years in Muz’s shop i’ve had many of the worlds best shapers checking the craftsmenship of our glass and commenting that it is amongst the best they’ve seen anywhere. I didnt say it, they did so go argue with JC and Al Merrick (seen them in Sydney) if you want to argue for the sake of arguing. One more thing, how many manufacturers get to resell 95% of their team boards? not too many… Even at only 4 oz top and bottom we get 'em back, that’s the power of the gospel (DIAG GLASSING BABY!) and that’s with Tony Ray and Zane on the team and if they can survive that torture there must be merit. I’m not a genius but logic prevails, A regular customer of mine is an aeronautical engineer and he made comment that he can’t understand why all glass isnt diag. Maybe most glassers just don’t have the time or skill to do it??? Go squabble over that one! http://www.pipedreamsurfboards.com

Hey Fluffy, laying weave on a 45degrees does add flex and some say too much and others like the feel and the notion.Imagine having an inch thick stringer and the stiff rigidity that it would create.To imagine this extreme helps one appreciate the liveliness of a certain degree of nose to tail flex.We combine it with one layer of zero 90 as an inset on the deck to keep it in context,mind you my team riders use only 4x4 diag and they have no problem with excess flexing. muzz

thank you for a definate answer, and general concept, much appreciated.