flex spoon

ok, i want to make a greenough spoon for my friend to freak out everyone at a surf team practice session. I read something in the archives about another flex spoon that greenough made that could ride in more conditions than the velo. Can i get design tips on this and how many layers of glass should i use. further more what weight glass and can i use epoxy and still have it be flexible. Many thanks in advance.

UR in luck. Man O’ War at the kneeboard forum ksusa.org built one w/ lots of advise from several knowledgeable folks. All the chat about his project has inspired others. Now there is a new site w/ pics, articles and forum dedicated totally to the care and feeding (and building and riding) of flexspoon kneeboards and hopefully archiving some of the “lost” history of the few hardy souls who have been riding them ever since…well…since Greenough was a pup. Go to flexspoon.com and have a look around. Check the forum for beginning of construction threads. Cool stuff!

great stuff , Dr. Strange !!

THANKS for that !!

I especially liked this : -


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You are most welcome! I’m cleaning out the garage even as I type (well sort of taking a break to type) to clear space for the BIG project. Since I have tried shaping before and I SUCK and I want this to work as it is a heckofa lot of work, I’m having a local shaper mow the foam plug and then I’ll do the rest. Oh, and due to the crucial performance make or break it nature of the fin foiling I"ll likely have Halcyon make that for me. So I guess I’m more a low grade technition than an artist but it should be fun and as Dirty Harry said, “A man’s got to know his limitation…”