florida surf club

hey. i just read about some guy who wants to start a surf club on the west coast. would anyone here be interested in a club near stuart (east coast). just get together once a month, watch some movies, carpool to the beach, (kinda like surfrider but no money or commitment involved) we could clean up the beach, just hang out when it’s flat, anyway, i was just wondering, e-mail me if you are interested.

We have a couple in Daytona Ponce Inlet surf club, Soul Surfers and Smyrna Surfaris. All welcome Surfers, Soul Surfer is an online community that I’ve started for all my riders and families. Check it out>> http://www.soulsurfertv.com

ncguy, neat site. we still gotta meet up for a surf! i have wrestling saturday, but sunday i might be coming your way. should be either at the pier or inlet. whatcolor board should i be looking for? dj

DJ, Yellow board with a large POW on the bottom! (circa Batman comics)Water temp dropped back into the 50’s, nut shrivelers!It has to be real good to get that cold. Spring is coming!!! http://www.soulsurfertv.com

u speak of the truth my friend! spring will be nice. hopefully spring breakk we’ll be skinnin it. i did last year. felt good. the way i see it at 70…only rubber i wear is for late night body surfin dj

dj, you ever surf 2ndlight or satelite beach area? thats now my closest break being at UCF 45+ miles away. Do you know anybody that will do resin tints in the central fl. area by the way?

yes ive surfed second light and cocoa plenty. prefer to head even farther south to indiatlantic reefs, or board walk. then go check the inlet. i live in ocala…i think probably an 1 1/2 from ucf, if u want ill do a resin tint for you. email me at, and ill send u some pics of arecent tint i did. dj

I skinned it for two days here in satellite, but am back in the spring suit…water dipped down again.

a little different heading north. water is about 55 again. went out last weekend, and surprisingly it was cold. thats a good reason why satellite is better dj

dj, im curious to see your tint, my email is feel free whenever you get a chance, as of now i dont have a car, but if you have a good place to shape id love to get down! as now i only get to shape when i come home for whatever reason, but always stop by clark in melbourne on the way (i live south of reef road), hoping for a car this summer…

DJ, I just finished a yello/orange deck and a red/orange bottom tint on a recycled 7’ that I stripped and reshpaed into a 6’5 Lopez styled single fin. I had some porblems and had to do some cover up. Not sure it was the uV or not , I’ve ben following the thread about tints so I’m ready to work out the bugs. give me a shout when you’re down this way>>Nc http://www.soulsurfertv.com