foam board fiberglass repair kit?

ok… i no im new to this but i just had a few questions about my 8 foot doyle foam board…it has a huge indention in it from a nose dive in cocoa beach, and right now im saving up for a REAL longboard…but i cut three slits on the lower bottom of the board, and placed 3 waterproof pices of wood in there, and i was wandering if after i glue it with epoxy or contact cement should i put this fiberglass repair kit on the side of the board with fiberglass…or should i be fine with jsut the 3 boards

The fiber glass with not stick to the foam. You might want to stick a rubber tire patch on it. I think that would stick and my help hold the whole thing together.

Jacob, Some of this might depend on where the ding is. If it’s on the bottom through the slick skin you might go one way, and the soft skin deck is another. Like Bagman said, fiberglass is not the way to go for any of it. One thing you might consider is just filling the dent with sinple silicone putty - the old Super Goo ding repair. It dries soft and pretty flexible. Another thing you might do is check in with and their advice on softboard repair. I think they have some hints online to read, and they should also sell bodyboard repair kits - same basic materials and construction. The owners, Jay and Vickie Reale, will also answer any questions you have.