Foam tint too thick?

Hi everyone! Didn’t find an answer in the archives, so here is my problem. I did an awful paintjob with a fuc… spray can on the foam, had to remove it once dry with some 120 grit. Didn’t remove all the paint an it looked ugly. So, i went for a foam tint with fluorescent pink pigment and UV resin. Painted with a brush, it went ok but needed a second layer to mask the first attempt with the spry can. The result is ok but here is my question: Is my foam tint too thick? It’s opaque but something like 0.5mm. Can i go with a regular lamination on it? (2 4 oz on the deck). No risk of delam or soft spot where the foam tint is? This board is a grom comp board, so…


Well foam stains are much better to do than acrylic spray jobs, becuase resin bonds to resin, but not to acrylic. and the crap in the spraycans, like toluene, acetone, and other solvents, will just cause bonding problems faster. I hope you added MEKP to your batch of UV resin, because it won't kick completely with pigmet blocking UV rays. Also, pigment is better to use for your foam stain, because it would have helped cover it up your flaws. .5 mm is fine, just glass it. typically I squeegee it around with a yellow spreader. it gives an even coat, and wipes off any excess.

Your fine, I just hope your grom likes a heavier board.

good luck

Thanks Astevens! Of course i mixed some catalyst with my tint, and some white pigment too to get it really opaque, no problems there. Hopefully there is just a small part of the board with the tinted area, it won’t add too much weight. I’ll post some pics ASAP.

Tints with white is cool if that is the look your going for, but a solid pigment will be opaque and rich without a washed out type look to it.

good luck