foam tints

cant find much info on them in the archives want to do a striped board with 3" wide stripes nose to tail like the pic below, but in blue and white with a gap either side of the stringer any hints or tips need them fast as will be doing it tommorow



Hey Paul,

foam tints are actually pretty easy. Tape off the area that you don’t want tinted (most of the deck), mix up your tints (test on a scrap piece of foam), and squeegee just like you’re laminating. The pigmented resin (laminating) tends to stay put once it hits the foam, so you can’t count on too much blending. Use a lightweight squeegee (or old credit card) so that you don’t accidentally gouge the foam. Then laminate as per usual, but be careful rolling out your deck glass, as you’ll have tacky resin underneath it.

It’s also possible that the board in the picture was tinted after hotcoating. This works great, too. Just do the same as above, except on the hotcoat, then gloss.

Have fun and post pictures!

thought that it was like that, but checked anyway thanks!

the board in the pic is mat, no gloss and is deffinetly on the foam.