for ben chipper fins related

hi ben, i thought you might like this set up , he seems to surf the board well ,    its about 2.40  in the video , pete

.... cheers , Pete !


monty webber strikes again , eh ?


  did you ever see his 'liquid time' footage [from YEARS ago , now !] , featuring PERFECT , mechanical river micro waves ? 


" mesmerising ! " was the comment that greenough made on that footage !


yep , those  ?  nubster  /  mini 'half-moon' ? type  back fins seem to be working okay for him , eh ?


  I didn't go the full 8 minutes [my computer has VERY limited 'youtube' / footage viewing storage capacity , per month ], And thanks for letting me know to 'fast forward ' it to around 2m50secs , as I thought I had the wrong thing there , for a minute or two ...


  It's always refreshing , and reassuring to me ,  to see that people are still into experimenting ! did ya come across this footage , Pete ? 


 ... a 'google' search ' for something ?


  cheers mate !





hi Ben , glad you liked the vid, i thought the fins where a bit larger than the knubster type fins ,almost like the two rear bonzer fins in size or maybe a bit bigger but not can/ted over so much as a bonzer fin would be

i have seen similar fins on mini simmons type boards but only in photo/s not in real life ,

i don/t really know how i found the link , you know how it is ,you are watching something and then something else catches your eye, 

have you ever tried useing lexan type polycarbonate for fin maknig ?

i  bought some from ebay uk in 6 mm clear and used it to make bonzer fins that fit into fcs plugs , the plugs are set at 6 degrees but you can heat bend the tabs to to give the bonzer 18/20 degrees so if you want to try a bonzer set in a normal board you can , its a bit harder to foil out because it melts if you go too aggressivly but you get there in the end and you are not grinding fibre glass all over the place ,

i have only use it for bonzer fins and a couple of small carnards it might be too flexy for bigger fins but for the small ones its good stuff ,

i have also made a few fins from left over veneers that i use , about 9 layers of wood sandwhiched with 4 oz glas between each layer gives about 7 mm or so , compress it all together with some heavy weights ,

they turn out light and rigid and look really nice as well,

keep up the good work with your fin tinkerings .pete


.....great stuff , Pete !


 can you post some shots [up here , if you like ?] of the lexan fins you made ,  and the wood veneer sandwich ones , please ?


  I was given some bamboo veneer , that I look forward to using in a similar manner , "one day" !


  Looking at this frame grab that I 'tried' to get from that video ,'s not quite clear enough to REALLY make it out ,




I wondered ...


  as it seems to be a 'Webber Brothers Production' ???


"Perhaps" the front fins could be those big flexy twin fins he made [?makes?] for his funky / weirdish deeeep double concave twin fin 'fishy' type boards ?


 And perhaps the back fins are the back fin [x2] , for the 'G-CRV' [webber curved fins ] set ...

....either as IS , or maybe he reshaped them into something smaller . [? or maybe if he has a new template in the works ? ....I HOPE so !] ***


I have tried a pair of them [the 'G-CRV's  BACK fin] as a back quad fin setup, in the Walden ...





 .... I 'think' there may be a sequence of me kneeboarding that setup , in [unfortunately] tiny , onshoreish waves , somewhere in the 'my fin tinkerings' thread , perhaps ?

 I have also made myself a smaller [but similar shaped ]  " ?canard? "  type hybrid  side fins pair , to try at a later date,  too...[ maybe as a  fun , 'summer small wave' setup ??  ....we shall see , eh ? ]



  Now , Pete , back to your lexan , if I may ?  ...


I tried cutting down a few old ones in the past , but yes ...


  DEFINATELY had issues foiling it . It 'melted' , as you said !


....But , then again , in 'those' days I used a GRINDER to foil fins , as opposed to a sander !   ["D'OH!"]

 It was THAT experience that actually  made me switch to a sanding pad attachment , for the grinder .


'Plus One Shaper' [George Gall  here] , did a GREAT thread on lexan-type bonzer runners , called something like "moulding fin bases " , from memory , as he showed how to set [ in his case , the bonzer ] angle into the bases.  Did you see it ?


I hope to do something similar , when I attempt making some futures fins , as my brother , my nephew , and a few mates have completely switched over to the 'Futures' systems .

Brother Simon has never had to fix a 'Futures' box YET ,  whereas Island Surfboards [his OTHER employer] " fixes fcs plugs ALL the time "  , he said !



***  p.s. - is the rest of the clip you posted up  , past the 4m50s mark , worth watching , by the way ?

Or , is it more to do with their 'wave machine ' [whatever] thingy ? 

 I'd be hoping they would show that board they were riding , and talk a bit about the FIN SETUP ,  perhaps ?  DID they ? 

....if so , I would watch the rest of it ...


  cheers !






 Perhaps  ? monty? greg's ?  setup is a bit of a 'fins swapped around , non canted'  different take on this 'zinger' , that some swaylockian posted a while ago [?perhaps on the 'twinzer' thread , from memory ?]


hi Benn, bit late getting back but here are some pics for you , the wood fin is just rough sanded at the moment but you can see the layers of woodveneers that are there , they come out light and stiff ,

i have only used them in f boxes so far but i think the tabs would be strong enough for fcs plugs , that is what this set is for when i get around to finishing them off , take care , pete

wow !


  so that's different fins set up on one side of the bonzer !


how did THAT feel ?



  the wood veneers look nice foiled !


   thanks heaps for posting those shots , mate !


  keep up YOUR tinkering[s]


   cheers !





 this guy would be considered the ...ummmm ..."HEAD tinkerer " ,  perhaps , Pete ?     :)