For Chip and the flexheads

Hey Chip

'bout time we got back to sways business( your know design and construction)…

scooped this baby off skurfer sturfer forum

you know… Roy boy’s new hang out…

think you’ll likee likee

oh yeah I have that same gas problem after eating anything with a bunch of hawaiian chili peppers in it.

better get an enema

Looks really interesting. Got any pics of flexing the tail?

that is the allan gibbons board i mentioned in the “how important is flex” thread.

he has brought that into my work along with another flexy tail board hes been working on. the tails flex about 4-5" both ways, so they are pretty flexible, but rigid also…i think its a really cool idea, and it seems to work for him (from what he says).

hi SG !

…WHAT did he say , exactly ?

advantages ?

shortcomings ?

is he standing or kneeling on these boards ?

How many has he made , over what period of time ?

I would be very interested to hear from the guy . But , although I have re-registered at Surfer and logged on numerous times , for some reason I can’t post a reply there ? [annoying] .

Thanks Bernie …I DID see that board there , and of course , wanted to ask questions ! Maybe Allan will post here ? hope so !

cheers !


[my stringerless benzer bottom never really flexed [that I could feel , anyway !] …but it was too thick is probably why !! ]

he likes them alot, i cant remember what exactly he said, but he seemed pretty stoked with it. he was also making a thruster last time i checked, also.


Looks really interesting. Got any pics of flexing the tail?

I remember the Mitchell Rae Outer Island carbon fibre board I saw doing the same thing…


SG ,

If you get a chance , please … can you ask Al next time you see him in the shop , how does he do them ?

and what is the bottom cloth he uses ? [and how many layers ?]

cheers !