For Chip.. Been a little busy

Aside from the EOY and Xmas madness I’ve been a little busy around here which is why Chip your hard drive hasn’t shipped yet…

I know you and Layz are anxiously awaiting it

hopefully this coming week…

At least it’s packed for shipping now…

Anyway here’s a picture story of why I’ve been tardy…

(sorry about the big and bad indoor photos)

My latest 2005 EOY (end of year) distractions…

from left to right… 7’2" full concave semi gun Surflight stringerless molded 1.8lb EPS, 7’6" JJohnston Suflight funboard 1.4 molded EPS with carbon graphite bottom and dcell deck insert (a gift from CMP), 10’ Jim Turnbull Country Surfboards bonzer bottom revived with 4oz epoxy deck and madrone wood+4oz epoxy bottom.

slightly better shot


Fin shot

7’2" bottom (board’s still a virgin)

Better bottom shot

CMP’s Carbon Graphite glassed bottom of 7’6" EPS

CMP’s Dcell Deck insert “springer” also carbon graphite rail wrap

CMP’s new “daisy” logo his daughter designed (mahalo CMP!)

Nose block of the 10’ (now 10lbs-15lbs heavier)

Tail block (new technique: fancy pen blanks from Woodcraft) sorry about the hack job

CMP’s birthday blank gift to me… 9’4" clark CMP high performance shape that I coated in wood

My new logos… Yup wood is good and thank’s CMP! proboxhawaii sides. Hicksy’s always there too!

Rocker shot from the rear. (“Think Pink” fins too)

screwed up Koa nose block too thin…

Swirled acrylic pen blank tail block from Woodcraft

And just when I thought I had everything under control…

I started and currently finishing a 6’6" EPS gemini design in Lowes 1lb EPS

Then I had a relapse and cut out two more today including a fish for my trip to SD in may.

The two new stringerless Lowes 1lb EPS ones will have bamboo top and bottom plus 1" corecel rails and no additional balsa on top of the bamboo to keep them super light for the trip. You can see them ready for their rail glue ups then deck glue ups… probably go 4oz S top and bottom for strength.

It’s a disease this board building thing…

But my goal to make it quick, easy and reasonably priced is really coming to pass before my eyes…

So Chip I haven’t been slacking off just multitasking a little too much…

Aloha from E-Beach the armpit of Oahu…

and sorry for the large post and too many wordz as usual.

alright !

the “oneula surfboards thread” …

now please post a shot of every board you’ve ever made …

this could outrun the “photos…keep 'em coming” and “moonlight glassing” photo threads !

now , what were you saying about a hard drive ?!

cheers mate !


p.s. - I hear you will be “fish frying” and that you also caught up with Benny ! […woohoo… do you need counselling now ? [joking , sorta ]

Nice work from E-Beach :slight_smile:

I know which 2 I’ll be asking to borrow if I ever make it over there!


Busy indeed! I think I spend a lot of time in the garage, I can’t imagine how much you must put in! So, do you have a “board count”? For a while I was labling mine #0001, #0002, etc… But I kind of fell off the last batch, and now I’m not sure where I am. I think I’m working on like 15 and 16 right now… But I could be off.

You must be up in your twenties or thirtys by now!

Great stuff, love the minigun. Looks like it would be a hoot with a singlefin. And the tail and noseblocks are pimpin, great idea with the pen blanks!

I’m digging the quick, easy and reasonably-priced aspect too… But you weren’t kidding about it being a disease. :slight_smile: